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  1. Introduction
  2. McNeil/Macdonald of Barra, Jura under Macdonald of Glencoe
  3. The Family Finder Test from Family Tree DNA
  4. Allie, Thanks for the great article...
  5. Family Tree Family Finder
  6. Scottish DNA Project
  7. BBC News DNA
  8. Haplogroups of European kings and queens
  9. Interpreting Genetic Distance Within Surname Projects
  10. Progression of Family Tree DNA
  11. Donald help again please
  12. Received Update from Mother
  13. Awaiting the results of the 67 marker test
  14. Halley, Deerness, Orkney, Orkney and my paternal DNA
  15. Genetic Family Reunion: DNA Reveals Alex Haley's Scottish Roots
  16. My Father's DNA
  17. Waiting for DNA results from ANCESTRY.com