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  1. Introduction
  2. The 7th Earl of Rosslyn
  3. My KT on my Dad's side from our Tree
  4. Leith Templar's submitted by Gordon
  5. Scotlandonsunday old KT article about Robert Ferguson's book
  6. Book- Terrorism and the Illuminati, A Three Thousand Year History
  7. Trying the Gedcom Files here, just a few more of our lines
  8. International Convent 2010
  9. Personal Report by Chev Paul McGowan, GCTJ, Commandery of St Clair, No 1, Scotland
  10. Templar Sword
  11. Research into the Knights Templar
  12. A Wee Gem right under my nose!
  13. England and Wales
  14. Another Knights Templar : The Great Priory of Scotland
  15. Roslin Chapel
  16. State of the Order
  17. The Parchment of Chinon
  18. Vanishing on the 13
  19. Eschyna De Molle
  20. Council of Acre
  21. I received a strange reply from the Orders of the Knights Templar on Facebook
  22. Ancient Chapel of the Templar, Metz France
  23. Allie, I want to discuss a group who found me in FB
  24. I may never be a real KT
  25. Knights Templar in England & Wales
  26. Lost Worlds: Knights Templar Video Series
  27. Venerable Order of St John
  28. The Scottish OSMTH Investiture at Balgonie Castle 2011
  29. Connection of KT to Masons
  30. My Installation in the Grand Priory of the Scots
  31. Grand Priory of England and Wales
  32. Some of the work of the Knights Templar (OSMTH)
  33. Special Prayer by the Knights Tempar (OSMTH)
  34. Geomantic Information Systems; Exploring Axis Mundi, the Earth Grid, the Holy Grail and Ley Lines
  35. The Secret Maps of the Knights Templar and Holy Grail in America
  37. Questioning the Knights Templar of OSMTH
  38. The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem
  39. Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Scotland, Solomons Temple, The Vatican, Jesus Christ