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  1. Introduction
  2. Electric Scotland Resources
  3. 19th Century Songs and 20th Century Versions of them .... add ones that you find or know, please.
  4. L E Modesitt Jr
  5. Bright Blue Sky
  6. Farewell Juniper Green
  7. Amazon Kindle
  8. What Happened To Auld Glesga? (Inside my old recipe book for about 40 years) Author unknown. Mhoira
  9. Graham Donachie
  10. John Henderson
  11. A new poem
  12. Merlin vs Father Christmas; a Christmas Tale 2010
  13. A poem from this modern war
  14. Just Me
  15. A Real poem from FriedaKateM, written 1994.
  16. The Flowers of the Forest
  17. Where You Goin?
  18. Constance is With Me
  19. Aly Bain recalls friendship with Norman MacCaig, Poet.
  20. The Complaynt Of Scotland
  21. From the Lone Shieling....On Cape Breton Island
  22. J. P. Fraley, old-time fiddler....one of his stories....
  23. The Faithful Dog
  24. One of my "clipped" musings of other poets &/or writers.....
  25. Lots of poetry going up these days
  26. The Robe
  27. Golden Heart, the Poem by Mark Knopfler
  28. Warning, a poem by Jenny Joseph
  29. Joyce an her wee Sparra
  30. Here's A Poem That My Mom And I Did Together.
  31. Some Literary Discussion re: TWO Books!
  32. Writers i've overlooked.
  33. A lack of knowledge in regards two writers.
  35. Dylan Thomas: Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night....
  37. The Seduction of Madame Constance Fortescu.
  38. A Wee Poem
  39. The eighth man
  40. "Carrying On"/New, no naughty bits.
  41. no punctuation