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2nd December 2010, 23:27
We're bringing you this book as we enjoyed reading these tales and hope you will also.

"Telling the Truth" is a habit which has grown upon me since I first learned to talk. In fact, in my earliest days, this trait was a source of constant anxiety to my faither and mither.

Nevertheless, I have found Truth a most profitable commodity, for in depicting characters on the stage my success has always been largely attributable to the fact of their all being true studies from life.

So, too, in this little volume of Scottish stories, which I humbly submit to my friends of all nationalities, I shall endeavor to show a few real characters, which are true to life. I hope, therefore, that I shall be forgiven for the lies I am about to tell.

Harry Lauder.

You can view this book at http://www.electricscotland.com/history/lauder/tentalesndx.htm


1938 Observer
3rd December 2010, 03:03
Just read the first story, I'm still laughing.

3rd December 2010, 12:29
I really enjoyed it myself Gordon. John Henderson is intending to provide one story a week until complete so looking forward to the next one.