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24th January 2011, 22:16
Inside the Rhonda Lou main house
I cleaned and had it open for a bit today.
The weather was warm enough to do that. Rhonda bundled up
and she was okay. Rod came home just after I had
closed everything up again and right away started
turning the heat up.

"Why is it so cold in here?" He complained. And then, "Rhonda
why are you all wrapped up?"

Sure was nice to get the staleness out of my bedrooms and central
area, though. Friday the forecast is for 55 degrees. Maybe I can
get some help on shampooing the carpets with the brand new
carpet cleaner in the guest house.

"Lots of luck," I can hear Rhonda say.

Two of my friends dropped in on us and that was a
blessing. We are on the edge of cabin fever here.

One friend saves things for me and they are always
great stuff. A small piece of cut glass, some of those
fragrant sticks that are stuck in a vase, a hot pot tile
with a Thomas Kinkaid painting on it, a fragrant soy
candle, I think his wife likes garage sales and they both have
an eye for quality things. Anyway I love each and
everything they save for me. They are Osage tribe and
know about "give-aways" and how I'm always collecting things for those.

The other friend had cabin fever herself and was running away from studio and work at home. She always brings great news. The last painting she did was
absolutely gorgeous. The work was of roses on a table with a white, lace table cloth under the red roses. She traded this painting for a lovely sofa. I saw the sofa and it is so elegant. Both ladies made a good trade, in my opinion. This was the good news.

Both friends left with a couple of my hand made pot holders, but soon now, I must have a feast of food and
good will for them. Maybe a winter walk with my
paintings hanging on the chain link fence and then
hot chocolate along with snaks. I want to do a number of small painting for hand out gifts for my guests, too.

A large 4x8 ft. canvas is ready for work, if I could just
come up with subject matter. I've thought of a
rolling Oklahoma landscape or maybe first an abstract
to finish into realism, little at a time. The way I'm able to work
with the paint is to have one of my family put the abstract on from
a subject matter. If the composition is correct for darks and lights it
is an easy matter to slowly work on one element at a time with however
much "noodling" I want to do, using colored pencils or some medium not
so toxic.