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15th March 2011, 00:12
Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a song. Let’s see, how did it
go? “Spring has sprung, the grass has ‘riz, I wonder where the birdie is?”
Oh no! That wasn’t a song, That was a poem by, hmmmmmm I forget.
Oh yes! It was Robert Frost:

Spring Has Sprung by Robert Frost

Spring has sprung, the grass has ris’,
I wonder where the birdie is?
There he is up in the sky,
He dropped some whitewash in my eye!
I‘m alright, I won't cry,ı
I'm just glad that cows can't fly!

And so, Robert Frost, you put me in a poetic mood.

Spring, I’m Wise to You

The flower beds beckon to me,
Yes surely, through my window I see
Jonquils waving their saucy bud
Coming through last nights mud.

They ask, “Where is she who tends,
The earth around and lends
A trusty hoe to rake away
All these weeds who stray?”

“Our beds must be made
Even though clouds parade
Blocking the rays of sun
Must we play alone? No fun!”

“Oh bother,” I nod my head,
“It’s spring and I’m not dead.
I’ll breathe your sweet earth,
Around you like a horse’s girth.”

Poem by Donna

15th March 2011, 18:17
Donna, I like your poem, as usual with all your writings.

However I would be most surprised if 'the' Robert Frost was the writer of the poem. I can find no confirmation, and it is not listed in any of his 'collections' on various web sites. I still like the poem who ever was the author.... lol


15th March 2011, 20:15
According to one website, Answers.com:

Who wrote 'Spring has sprung grass has ris I wonder where the birdies is'?

While frequently attributed to Ogden Nash or ee cummings the author of this amusing nonsense - known as "Spring In The Bronx" - is Anonymous.

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_wrote_%27Spring_has_sprung_grass_has_ris_I_won der_where_the_birdies_is%27

15th March 2011, 21:16
Just to let you all know something about me: I am of a poetic nature as well.....Here's a cute poem by John Ciardi....


The old crow is getting slow.
The young crow is not.
Of what the young crow does not know
The old crow knows a lot.

At knowing things the old crow
Is still the young crow's master.
What does the slow old crow not know?
---How to go faster.

The young crow flies above, below,
And rings around the slow old crow.
What does the fast young crow not know?
---Where to go.