View Full Version : Looking for ancestry from Alan Steuart son of John Steuart

14th January 2012, 18:45
I am trying to trace back my ancestry and that of John Ellis Stewart, born in Devon, England circa 1849. John married Bell Hetherington, daughter of Richard Hetherington, Royal Navy. John's father was listed on his marriage certificate as Alan Steuart and Allan Steuart's marrriage listed John Steuart as his father.

I'm not sure where to go from here. A published book (1882) states that John Ellis Stewart is descendant, on his fathers side, from one of the most ancient familes in Scotland. Not sue what this means, but my family belives he is a descendant of the Earl of Galloway (Of course there is no evidence to prove this).

I have found an Alan Stewart, born 1798 in Renfrew, Scotland to John Stewart and Janet Houston, so this would make him 48 at time of marriage,

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?