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Kelly d
9th July 2010, 17:43
Hi All,

I am a Stewart of Ochiltree. Hope you will join us!

LuRose Williams
14th July 2010, 12:25
That makes me one also....lol...

Kelly d
14th July 2010, 12:36
Giggling! Mama, I am so glad you found out how to work this forum! We all need your cheeky goose goose around!


Kelly d
11th February 2011, 15:44
Ochiltree family--Taken from the Annals of Clan Campbell
by LuRose Williams on Wednesday, 09 February 2011 at 04:16
Ochiltree is a name derived from a place near Linlithgow, West Lothian. Its users had nothing to do with the family called MacUchtrie or MacUghtre in Argyll who on occasion anglicised their name to Uchiltree or Ochiltree
Like the MacArthurs on Loch Awe-side, the MacUchtries appear to have been a professional family. ‘Alan Oghtre, Vicar of Kilmun’ and ‘William Oghtre’ appear as witnesses on a notarial transumpt of 1432/3 at Kilmun while ‘Sir David Ochtre’ is Provost of Kilmun in 1466 and in 1470 is a Notary Public. (92) (A/T. )
In 1492 we find the first mention of ‘Archibald Uchiltree’ on the sasine of his father's lands given to Archibald 2nd Earl of Argyll, along with Ian MacArthur , father of Charles MacArthur, later of Terivadich (see article on MacArthurs). Like MacArthur, Uchiltree travels the country clearly in charge of organising the Earl's charters. Between 1494 and 1524, ‘Archibald Uchiltree’ appears on 20 of the extant 40 charters of the Earl's.
Archibald does not appear after 1524 but ‘Ian Uchiltre of Kildalvan’ had already appeared in 1513. Whether he was the son of Archibald is not clear nor whether Kildalvan which in 1497 was among the lands regranted to Gilchrist M'Lamont of Inverneilbeg, had then been transferred to the Uchiltrees in reward for their services as men of business to the Earl at the same time and for the same reason as the MacArthurs received Terivadich. Both suppositions, however, would seem reasonable.
There is then a gap until 1540 when Ian or ‘John Uchiltre of Kildalvan’ signs nine times in seven years.In 1542, Ian is joined as a witness by Alan Uchiltre and by Alan's son, John.. Again we are given no clue as to the relationship between Alan and Ian but it would seem probable they are father and son since ‘Allan M'Ane Uchtre of Garvie’ appears in 1573, Garvie being close to Kildalvan in Glendaruel. Allan would seem to have had a brother John Glas who appears as ‘John Glas M'Ane’. Another brother, Donald, appears in 1586. In 1587 we find ‘Ian Keir M'Allan Uchiltre, apparent of Garvie’. ‘Alan Ochiltree of Garvie’ who appears in 1599 is presumably his son or brother. (93) (A/T.)
Thereafter there is no more mention and by 1614 an ‘Archibald Campbell of Kildalvan’ is in Garvie being appointed one of the Earl of Argyll Foresters in Cowal.. He had previously appeared in Inveraray in 1610 where he is identified as a notary. (94) (Duke Niall's genealogical notebooks.)
Duke Niall who made notes on this family of Campbells suggests they are Ardkinglas cadets, either through the Ardentinny or Carrick branches. But their following generations concentrate on using the names Ian and Archibald which while quintessential Campbell names also occur in the Uchiltree pedigree. The name of Uchiltree seems to vanish while the fact that Archibald Campbell was also a notary suggests that either the line of Uchiltrees died out and the lands were tied to the post of the Earl's Man of Business. It is just possible, if Archibald had not married the Uchiltree heiress, that the Uchiltrees changed their name to Campbell and continued on in Kildalvan until the end of the eighteenth century at least.
The name is now extremely rare

Kelly d
19th May 2011, 01:56
Here is the lines of the House of Ochiltree, I do not understand why Sir James the 4th Lord's children by his second marriage to Mary Livingstone was not considered in this Peerage?

Lords Ochiltree (1542)

Andrew Stewart, 1st Lord Ochiltree (c. 1505–1548)
Andrew Stewart, 2nd Lord Ochiltree (c. 1521–1591)
Andrew Stuart, 3rd Lord Ochiltree (c. 1560–1629) (resigned lordship in 1615 and created Baron Castle Stewart in 1619)
James Stewart, 4th Lord Ochiltree (1595–c. 1658)
William Stewart, 5th Lord Ochiltree (c. 1659–1675)

Our American ancestors come from the 4th Lord Ochiltree.