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16th November 2015, 22:38
The spelling might no be correct but what i'm looking for is the time of year when we (laddies in Perth) went door to door and the first song was, "tramp, tramp, tramp the boys are marching, we are the geysers at your door, if ye dinnae let us in we wull bash yer windaes in and you'll never see the geysers anymore".

16th November 2015, 23:44
That sounds like Halloween.


17th November 2015, 00:28
Yes Halloween but it's usually spelled "guisers" now, I think.


17th November 2015, 10:26
That's the way I would spell it. Probably from "disguise".


19th November 2015, 23:31
I have a friend in Glasgaw area who spells it "guisers" too. However it's spelled, it sounds like fun!

20th November 2015, 10:16
Google search gives several links, but the following is relevant to Scotland.....


BTW - your spelling is the way some locals would say the name Glesgie !!


20th November 2015, 19:57
loved that post and it reminded me of the "turnips", seem to recall they were "neeps", "swedes" were far tastier, especially when stolen from Henderson's farm.

20th November 2015, 21:11
I remember carving out a turnip the way they do pumpkins today.


21st November 2015, 10:02
pumpkins are far easier

21st November 2015, 19:10
You do not mention the area is where 'Henderson's farm' is located....

Just a thought....


21st November 2015, 21:36
Ranald: did the post and later had a re-think....Henderson's Farm, Perth, Crieff Road, my family lived in Ruthven Place, across a field from Pullers dye works but the swedes came from my Dad's garden or one of the others, almost sure the Munro's had a garden. Now houses where the farm was. The farm had a field with two hills, great for sledging, the lower hill was most popular and the start of the run would be pure ice. Hockey team had a lot of Canadians and I do remember names, George Leonard in goal, Jimmy Ross defense and Sam McNabney...mibee the spelling is wrong. A shop at the corner or Atholl Street and Mevthen Road was where my grandfather worked, he was a kilt maker, set up in the window so people could watch him but that was before I was born. Saint played at Muirton Park, wasnae seats at that time.