View Full Version : Stewart-Coville Connection to Ochiltree

Kelly d
21st August 2010, 09:00
Our ancestry says Stewart who changed their surname to Ochiltree. Our mita (female) DNA says we match a Lady Coville from 350 years ago. Who and what are we?

Here is a brief story found at ES.


Kelly d
29th August 2010, 05:49
I am so greatful to Eion Og Stewart, he has the documentation that may finally answer our Ochiltree mystery.

It seems, Alexander Stewart was from Perthshire. He was indeed the footman to BPC and yes, he did carry the silver flask. It was captured by Cumberland and is now in the Scottish History Museum in Edinburgh.

Alexander lived for a long while in Ochiltree, Ayrshire. Which explains the name of his children being Ochiltree instead of Stewart.

We are now chasing up the service records from John Murray who went to the Colonies and served in the Indian Wars. Ochiltree served under John Murray.

We are not royal but this is alright, at least we can now put all the myths to rest!

Again, a deep gratitude to Eoin Og, he is a very kindly gent!

Not to worry, our YDNA still says we are of the black subgroup which means the Black Solomon aka Coll.