View Full Version : UBU NTO 10.04 - Install Flash

28th September 2010, 16:39
Euan and UBUNTO users....

In this weeks ComputerActive magazine, In the Hints & Tips page supplied by users, there are two items which may be of interest.

'Install Flash - UNUNTO 10.04.

'Extra Security for Facebook'

I scanned the page in jpg format, then selected each of the above, but when trying to upload them here, they both failed...... grrrr.

Should you be unable to have sight of the magazine, I could send them as attachments on an email.


29th September 2010, 05:54
Ranald, i think you can install the flash player from Ubuntu repositories..although i haven't tried.
Facebook irritates me...i have it for family reasons mostly, but do have a few ES'ers as well.It's the games that annoy me most, by people sending requests, gifts, friend requests from people who you don't know and whatever else...I think the best security is to not use facebook...

29th September 2010, 07:01
Euan, Like you others ask me to join, however I do not like, the messages from unknown persons.

Therefore I just do not join in, and was surprised that it is part of ES !

Not sure if you saw that it was 'hacked' and millions of personal details obtained. Fortunate that it was security person who made NO use of the findings, but did let those who run facebook know about the issue.