View Full Version : Recovering from 2 weeks of Parties.

Kelly d
12th October 2010, 04:21
OMG! I do not know how the younger crowd can party every weekend and survive. Two weekends ago we celebrated Jen's 21st and my 48th. I got so drunk!! The two shops closest to my house was out of Morangie therefore I drank Baileys and JD. After about the 10th whisky, the kids started slipping me cocktails. I never made it to town to go to the pubs at 10 pm.

This past weekend Jen had a hen party, Katy turned 16 and Robbie 10. I did not drink but babysit so others could.

I finally told the kids, never ever mix my drinks. It is either Morangie or naught.

A lesson learned but had a ton of fun!

1938 Observer
12th October 2010, 23:06
I've just found the photo of you after drink Number 10.

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PAAR5FNtI3k/TFtDcioHTHI/AAAAAAAAAF4/i1idVy7slek/s400/drunk+very+plastered+inebriated+shitfaced+passed+o ut.gif