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Debra Barry
13th October 2010, 08:37
I haven't received a reply to my last Email regarding the Electric Scotland banner on this site. Is your response somewhere on the site not obvious to me immediately as a new user?
I'll state again that the image on the banner of the woman with her legs open, breast bared is offensive to me and sends the wrong signal about Scots woman. We are moms, professional women, hard working volunteers and members of our community. The stereotype on the banner evokes images from Harlequinn romance novels and is disappointing.
I would like to see it changed to better reflect reality and I hope you will respond this time.
Debra Barry, Clan Ross Commissioner, Quebec, Canada

13th October 2010, 10:11
Hello Debra... I didn't get an email from you so this is the first time I've heard from you.

The graphic came from an artist famous in his genre and thus charges thousands of dollars for his work. He kindly donated this graphic for us to use. Should you look at some of the photographs of women at the Renaissance Fair or even in the fashion industry I would say she's quite modest by comparison and it is a small graphic.

We well know we can't please everyone all of the time but we have no plans to change the graphic at this time. In actual fact I hardly notice the graphic myself as I'm coming in for the content.

That said we appreciate you taking time to let us know of your concerns. So far you are the only one to express such although that doesn't mean others don't have them but if no-one tells us then we assume all is ok.

Last time I checked the stats on our site we have female to male visitor ratio at 56:44


1938 Observer
13th October 2010, 22:03
I fail to see anything offensive,It's just a pleasing image in total as a welcome banner before I delve into the content of the Forum.:cool:

But wait for it!!!!! I have just had a whisper from the voices in my head that tell me the Piper has had the audacity to go..........Commando :blush:

Gordon :angelic:

14th October 2010, 06:15
Tell that to your local newsagent,or haven't you walked past the magazine rack?
As for Stereotype, men have been stereotyped and maligned just as much as women over the decades,but as predators, i find that offensive, but it happens so get over it!
Now if you want to find reality, look elsewhere,you will be hard pressed to find it on the internet!

Debra Barry
15th October 2010, 22:08
Wow. So because these images are everywhere, it's okay to post them here? And Euan and Gordon, instead of making my concern into a joke or rant, maybe you could see the person and respond seriously - even if you do not agree.

Debra Barry
15th October 2010, 22:11
Here are 2 other responses from our Clan Ross president and Vice President. Thank you for your response, Alistair, but I feel strongly offended and must unsubscribe.

From: donaldross@eastlink.ca
To: andyspeaks@rogers.com; debra_barry@live.ca; robross@rogers.com; jdr@ross-ter.com; patriciaross@rogers.com; lizzt@rogers.com
Subject: RE: what's up with this banner?
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2010 21:32:54 -0300

Ditto to Debra and Andy's comments . . . .no further remarks necessary.

Caroline & Donald Ross
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From: Andy Thibodeau [mailto:andyspeaks@rogers.com]
Sent: October-13-10 11:09 AM
To: 'Debra Barry'; robross@rogers.com; 'JDouglas Ross'; 'Patricia Ross'; 'Donald Ross'; 'Lizz Thibodeau'
Subject: RE: what's up with this banner?

Hi Debra

Yes, I agree with you

Add my name to those who would ask kindly that Alastair reconsider a different image for his banner.

Thanks Debra


Andrew Ross Thibodeau


Clan Ross Association of Canada

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From: Debra Barry [mailto:debra_barry@live.ca]
Sent: October 13, 2010 10:00 AM
To: Andrew Thibodeau; robross@rogers.com; JDouglas Ross; Patricia Ross; Donald Ross; Lizz Thibodeau
Subject: what's up with this banner?

I have written two letters to Electric Scotland, suggesting a change in the banner to better reflect the reality of Scots women today. What's wrong with this image? Her legs are open, her breast is bared, her right hand is doing what?: all in all, very offensive I think as a stereotype. We are moms, professional women, hard working volunteers in our community. Some of us are athletes like Pat, some wonderful musicians like Lizz, teachers, pilots like Wendy, and I could go on. I hope the gentlemen of Clan Ross will step up as this is not a minor offense, nor is it just offensive to women, but wounds us all.
I hope you will join me in letting Electric Scotland know that this is not acceptable.

15th October 2010, 23:27
I'm afraid I think this is making a mountain out of a mole hill Debra. You can see more scantily clad women on the beach, in fashion shows, on bill boards, on television, and even in every day life as you go out to parties, etc. But as I say, everyone has the right to their point of view, and I'll certainly defend everyone's right to have their point of view. That doesn't mean I will accept their point of view and I'm afraid in this case I don't agree with yours.

Sorry to lose you but that's life.


16th October 2010, 01:53
Excuse me...I wasn't making a joke of this situation,i was just telling it like it is. And i agree completely with Alistair, a mountain has been made out of a molehill. We have a saying down here in Aust...Build a bridge...:frown:

16th October 2010, 10:27

I am in complete agreement with you.


16th October 2010, 13:15
And just to clarify. Her hands are resting on her skirt which is on the boulder she is sitting on and so no untoward things are happening there. But I agree you would need to see the larger version of the graphic to confirm that. I might add that the artist used his wife as a model for the graphic and I hardly think he'd put that out if it wasn't a "clean" graphic.



18th October 2010, 21:46
Much ado about nothing In my opinion!!. I am a Scottish woman and am not offended in any way, in fact I only noticed the woman because it was called attention to, surely we have better things to worry about. I can't imagine anyone changing graphics on a website because of one opinion.
ps Alastair wish I looked like her, lol

18th October 2010, 22:40
I couldn't agree more Laney. Wish that was all I had to worry about. I never noticed either until it was drawn to my attention. Talk about prudish!!!!!


19th October 2010, 07:01
If someone is offended by this I cannot imagine how they are getting along in today's society with much more explicit images all around...

19th October 2010, 17:01
I just noticed she's sitting in a what looks like uncomfortable rock.
I bet this poor woman had been working hard all day, I mean hard physical work, and was finally sitting down, the least of her problems would have been her skirt , the fact that her shoulder was bared. c'mon sheesh

20th October 2010, 05:58
Sorry But IMHO the subject isn't worth an answer !!!

19th November 2011, 04:09
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19th November 2011, 22:20
I'm completely with the majority on this one. Sorry to see the over-the-top politically correct faction of Clan Ross retreat in a huff but the banner is a beautiful and peaceful image. Thanks to Alastair for sticking to his guns and to all who support it.