View Full Version : Okay, okay okay..so we are Stewarts

Kelly d
10th November 2010, 08:07
Since our Mita DNA matches Crichton lines and Mar lines, I am now throwing my hands in the air and declaring, "We are Stewarts of all the major Stewart clans!"

Oh my, there is just too many to sit here and sort out. So everyone at ES, my mother Lu and I are, Arran, Atholl, Appin and Royal Stuarts. We are still McNeils of the Isles.

When I go to the Gathering and the Homecoming events in 2014, I am going to wear a Stewart Ancient one day and a McIian the other day! Keep switching them around cause I plan on going for at least a week.

LuRose Williams
11th November 2010, 18:17
Hi there.....

Welll then it is a good thing I bought 6 different tartan plaids to wear when I go see Alastair next April...I will be so happy to be able to finally meet two dear old friends.....

Nathaniel Downes
24th December 2010, 03:34
I have my Black Stewart already and am working on my Royal next. Saving up for an Appin in honor of my step-father, but that is a few years off.

Kelly d
24th December 2010, 12:02
The Black Stewart is so nice! I like the ancient hunting. Hunter Green is one of my favourite colours. Nathaniel, do you have your full Bonnie Prince in both tartans?