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  1. Joan,
    We're doing some better here. Rodney is no longer in pain with his fall, only a twinge now and then he says.
    Talk abouit a wake-up call for what could have been a very serious thing. I hope he's learned his lesson for
    climbing around in trees. That was easy when he wasn't almost 80. :)

    Enjoyed you note on the election. Those poor sad people with their
    homes destroyed, out in the cold and they rally on with speeches of politics. I'm sure they still
    have those trailers from Katrina. Why aren't they moving those in so people can at least get warm.

    A Native American friend called me the other night and was so happy to hav been given one by the
    tribe. She said it was all re-done in mint condition, new cook stove and all. I'm happy for her. Winter
    is soon to be upon us and she will have a warm place to stay now. There are people living under
    the bridge here (or at least were). I hope they try for one of those, too.

  2. Donna...HI, glad to hear from you. I was also in my college chorus, U. of Maryland, Munich, Germany branch. Sang all over, but not in any nightclubs. Not so great on my own!! We have a lot in common....Joan
  3. FriedaKate,
    Sorry to be so slow in responding, Frieda. I so glad you enjoyed the Sinatra song, Me too.
    I've always looked for a grain of happiness to soften the grief I suffered over my handicapped
    daughter, consequently she has come through with such a happy, lovely personality. I suppose
    this is the good in "faking our way through." I wonder if those stars and singers know how much they contribute to our well being. There was a time when I wanted to be a singer, that is until I did a couple night clubs. :( Singer in the college choir wasn't quite the same as the clubs.
    I always admired Loretta Lynn for pushing through that part of her climb to stardom. I know Frank Sinatra didn't do too well with that part of his career, according the stories told like the time he socked a photographer. Tonight we watched Jerry Lee Lewis. I wasn't that fond of him as an entertainer but I don't think he deserved the treatment he got from the public.

    thanks for the comment
  4. Joan,
    Mother always talked about all her friends and family being gone. I guess I'm learning
    about that.

    By the way, this is a lovely picture of you.

    The weather is wonderful here, actually balmy and I'm getting much outside work
    done. Feels wonderful, <grin>

    We're waiting for a new arrival on the Collins line. I can't wait to go shopping for baby
    girl thngs.


    Donna Flood
  5. Good morning, Joan
    The pace has picked up on the Rhonda Lou and we are busily trying to stick to "progress."Lots of little chores, easy, but time consuming have been completed. I find myself so bogged down with these to have little time to do anything else. I'll try to organize some sort of report on
    my writings. It's a little difficult to make ho-hum trivia interesting enough to write. <grin>
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