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Health and Education

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I found out my own Doctor has cancer and that started me thinking about cancer in general. Like I am a smoker and including second hand smoke I am still cancer free at age 67. Recently I am hearing of more and more people having cancer so with smoking in decline it seems to me that cancer is increasing.

Also Allergies seem to be affecting more and more people so I wonder if being too clean is the problem. Like there is increasing use of products such as Febreeze and Lysol so are these products actually causing allergies?

Then while I repeat my view on how early learning in the first 4 years of life are critical to the development of your child are enough parents aware of this?

I intend to do some research on these area in 2018 but thought I'd just do the above video to encourage folk to think about these issues and perhaps if you know of some research you might provide links to that information so I can follow up on this.


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  1. 1938 Observer's Avatar

    I have noticed the same thing, I await your research with interest.