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Thoughts on a Sunday morning - 27th December 2020

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  • Thoughts on a Sunday morning - 27th December 2020

    Dear Friends of St Monica’s and Templars . . .

    I hope your Christmas was unique, but not disappointing. Mine truly was a joyous day . . .

    I hope those you love knew how truly loved they are . . . and I hope you knew how loved you are.

    By God. By your family. By your friends.

    Here are my closing thoughts for 2020 . . .

    May 2021 see you commit to a resolution that you keep and that will make the world a better place for you and all you know.

    God bless

    Nola-Susan Crewe JD, MDiv, MA, GCTJ
    Rector - St. Monica’s Anglican Church
    Grand Prior III Canada (2017-2020) - OSMTH

    It is the eve of the New Year and time to make your Resolutions for 2021 . . . what will yours be? The same tired ones that are never kept or has the year of COVID given new priorities to your life . . . ones for which you are willing to make a Commitment? Think long and hard and then make at least one that you actually will work hard at keeping . . . And may 2021 bring peace, joy, love and hope for a better world for all.God bless