Nostalgia has a lot to recommend it. And remembering is a powerful force for good or ill . . . with the choice being yours. My challenge for the week - take out your memories: and then polish the best and discard the rest. And make sure that the memories you are creating each day are the best that they can be.

Here is what I am doing with my memories:

how about you?

At the end of each day as you look over your day and say your final prayer, choose to remember the victories, large and small, the smell of bread baking, the blossoming orchid and an answered prayer. Remember what you want to share and what is best forgotten. If need be, atone in the morning and then remember old loves . . . and ensure there are no old hatreds.

Until next time . . . Godís blessings, health and peace.


Nola-Susan Crewe JD, MDiv, MA, GCTJ
Rector - St. Monicaís Anglican Church
Grand Prior III Canada (2017-2020) - OSMTH