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  • Introduction

    I asked Donna to give us an intro for her forurm and here is what she had to say...

    I've been called a story-teller, a saver of history, a grandmother, a friend, a cook, an author and an artist. The only accolades I have as a wife is my husband's comments, "I'd rather have that western woman's cooking!"

    Truth is, Folks, I'm a lover. Oh no, not of the oldest persuasion, but a lover of life. My belief systems has given me a vision of what a world would be like if there were no death, divorce, disease, damnation fears, those four D's. At this point in time, we all know this is not possible, so like Don Quixote, we who are of the simple earth go about charging the windmills of Depression, Despair, Dogmatisms, and Drivel, those four D's. So with this is mind, we work at simple tasks and share our successes, and that is all I am.

    And so that's the introduction and you can also see many of Donna's writings on Electric Scotland at