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Newsletter for 20th August 2021

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  • Newsletter for 20th August 2021

    For the latest news from Scotland see our ScotNews feed at:

    Electric Scotland News

    Smaller edition than usual this week due to losing my internet access for 4 days. Also confess to re-reading "Clan of the Cave Bear" by Jean Auel which are all large books in 6 volumes and covers life in the Stone Age. I'm just about to complete the 5th book and will go onto the final 6th book after which service will resume as usual.

    Scottish News from this weeks newspapers
    Note that this is a selection and more can be read in our ScotNews feed on our index page where we list news from the past 1-2 weeks. I am partly doing this to build an archive of modern news from and about Scotland and world news stories that can affect Scotland and as all the newsletters are archived and also indexed on Google and other search engines it becomes a good resource. I might also add that in a number of newspapers you will find many comments which can be just as interesting as the news story itself and of course you can also add your own comments if you wish which I do myself from time to time.

    UK ambassador stays to help Afghans while US and German chiefs flee
    BRITAIN's ambassador to Afghanistan is personally helping to process visa applications as he desperately helps interpreters hoping to leave the clutches of the Taliban.

    Read more at:

    Visiting Our Past: There's more to WNC's Scots than just the Highland Games
    Rob Neufeld - Visiting Our Past

    Read more at:

    Fact checking the BBC
    By John Redwood MP

    Read more at:

    Incredible moment BBC newsreader gets phone call from Taliban while live on air
    THE TALIBAN broke their silence following their movements into Afghanistan's capital of Kabul as spokesperson Suhail Shaheen called a BBC journalist live on air to discuss the Taliban's future goals.

    Read more at:

    GERS 2020-2021: time for honest debate
    GERS estimates the contribution of public sector revenue raised in Scotland toward the public sector goods and services provided for the benefit of Scotland.

    Read more at:

    Media and the Dumbarton Democrat
    By Hamish MacKay in the Scottish Review

    Read more at:

    Primary care needs urgent support
    My 82-year-old mother called her GP surgery early one morning this week; she was told there were no appointments, and to try again the next day.

    Read more at:

    SNP embarrassment as worst-performing Scottish primary school on Sturgeon's OWN home turf
    The analysis ranks each Scottish primary school by P7 (Year 6) students' scores on listening and talking, numeracy, reading and writing. It showed Annette Street Primary School in Govanhill, Glasgow had a score of just 30.

    Read more at:

    Merkel shamed as German army only manages to rescue SEVEN people
    ANGELA MERKEL was humiliated on social media after it was reported that a German military plane only managed to save seven people from Kabul this morning.

    Read more at:

    To level up we need to go nuclear
    Nuclear is vital to fulfil the manifesto commitment of 2 million clean growth jobs

    Read more at:

    Electric Canadian

    Thoughts on a Sunday morning - the 15th day of August 2021
    By the Rev. Nola Crewe

    You can watch this at:

    Design Record Canadian Developed Military Vehicles Word War II.
    Issued by the Army Engineering Design Branch, Department Of Munitiens And Supply, Ottawa, Canada in 8 volumes (1945)

    You can read this at:

    Electric Scotland

    Beth's Video Talks
    Beth has another video for you for August 18th 2021 - Southern Gaelic number three

    You can watch this at:

    Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
    Got in the September issue 2 which you can read at:

    Hi Everyone. Here is Section B for September 2021. The most exciting news is on the front page - about FireFox now being the only browser that features the Scots language! Wowie. Thanks to Alastair McIntyre at electricscotland for that story! We had to wait until after the 10th of August to send it out, so you all are amongst the first anywhere to know about this.

    In this issue, you will also find how you can actually hear the same music that King James IV heard at the Easter Concert held for him in 1512! Scientists did all manner of magic so the acoustics are the same as they were in the original concert, too! I'll tell you, that music is so beautiful, your ears and thrilled!

    We're starting to have clan news again as games are slowly getting started across our country. I'll have to say that if you are in the "fragile" Covid-19, category be very careful. Tom and I will not be attending any games this year and maybe next year. I think you all know how much we love Scottish Highland Games and the joy of greeting old and new friends from everywhere. We both would rather be alive to go to lots more games when this is over than to just get to go to one game.

    My new computer was given away. It would not work properly and the company would not give me a refund. I could not use it as its quality was nonexistent. In good conscience, I could not accept money from anybody who was going to use it. The printer was lucky, as I was planning to dig a hole under a tree and bury it after taking out the many frustrations in my life now by pounding on it with my old softball bat on it for an hour or so. This publication you are receiving was copied and scanned with the old faithful Canon Color Image Class that I've had for more than 10 years. It has rejuvenated itself three times now.

    Don't forget to update your email address by emailing Use that same address if you have a genealogical query you would like printed for free in BNFT.
    Send me your Flowers of the Forest. I hope you know that there is no charge for those, the queries, or for BNFT itself.

    If you'd like to give your friends this publication, the easiest way is to visit <>

    You'll have all the archives right there too. They are free for you to enjoy.

    Please take care. This virus thing is NOT over by a long shot.



    Large Farms and the Peasantry of the Scottish Lowlands
    You can read this at:

    Personal and Family Names
    A Popular Monograph on the Origin and History of the Nomenclature of the Present and Former Times by Harry Alfred Long, Glasgow School Board (1883) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    A New Biographical Dictionary
    Containing concise notices of eminent Persons of all ages and countries and more particularly of distinguished natives of Great Britain and Ireland by Thompson Cooper FSA (1873) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    The Life of Edward Irving
    Minister of the National Scotch Church, London by Mrs. Oliphant in two volumes, Illustrated by his Journals and Correspondence (1863) (Second Edition)

    You can read these at the foot of our Edward Irving page at:


    History of the Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland
    By Alexander Ramsay (1879)


    The Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland, which has now existed for nearly a century, having been from a very early period national in its aims and operations, it seemed that a history of its proceedings might be so presented as to illustrate the progress of agricultural improvement in the country. A narrative of this nature would at least possess the quality of authenticity. The Society's proceedings have been recorded with great care; and for the perfect freedom of access afforded to its archives, the author has to express his most cordial acknowledgments to the Directors. The Society mainly sought to effect its purposes by the bestowal of premiums in competition; and in those offered, and in the awards made, there is evidence at once of the wants and the capabilities of the country at successive periods, as well as a record of those whose individual efforts were contributing towards the general advance.

    While account has been taken of the improvements in tillage and the crops of the farm, special attention has, in the following pages, been bestowed on the illustration of the changes occurring in the character of the live stock, a course recommended alike by the nature of the subject, and the great importance now so justly attached to this department of rural economy. There will be found notices of the gradual spread over Scotland of the Shorthorn cattle, and the relative positions in successive years of the distinctive Scotch breeds. The reader curious in such matters will find an interest in tracing the decline and extinction of such breeds as the Fifeshire and Aberdeenshire Horned; and in the advance and definite development of the Ayrshire and the two Polled races. Information of kindred nature is supplied with respect to sheep and horses. Dairy husbandry is also illustrated to a considerable extent.

    The Society has not confined its attention to affairs purely agricultural. That a scheme or proposal was likely to benefit Scotland in general, and the Highlands in particular, was in its earlier years recommendation sufficient to ensure the Society's support. Efforts in various independent directions, from Gaelic dictionaries and the poetry of the Highlands, to the patronage and promotion of piping competitions, are duly described. It seemed fitting to prefix to the History of the Highland and Agricultural Society some notice of the proceedings of two earlier Associations for the promotion of Scottish agriculture, which aspired to a national character. The account of the Society of Improvers is of course based on the work of Mr Maxwell of Arkland, published in 1743. The narrative of the proceedings of the Edinburgh Society is drawn up entirely from fragmentary references scattered through the Scottish newspapers of the period.

    It appeared to be equally desirable to furnish a sketch of the agricultural condition of Scotland about the time the Highland Society began its active perations, as a review of that nature offered a means of measuring the advance made in the interval. In Chapter II., there will be found an outline of this character, drawn from trust worthy contemporary sources. As affording a further means of estimating the changes in the agricultural condition of Scotland within the past ninety years, some statistics are printed in the Appendix.

    The preparation of the work has entailed very considerable labour; but it has been cheerfully undertaken, in the belief that the book may be found useful to a circle of readers, that will probably become wider, as there are many evidences that increased attention is being bestowed by the nation on questions relating to agriculture. The Author has to thank various gentlemen who kindly aided his inquiries. Very special thanks are due to Mr Fletcher Norton Menzies, the Secretary to the Society, and Mr Thomas Duncan, the Principal Clerk, without whose combined cordial and effective assistance the work could not have appeared in its present form. Care and attention have been bestowed in order to ensure accuracy, all statements of fact, names, and dates relating to the Society having been collated with the original authorities.

    Banff, July 9, 1879.

    You can download this book at:


    And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend.