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    The following quotables are from the book of books [ A.D. 1854 ] about the historie
    of the sovereign and independent,
    countrie of countries,

    "It is, no doubt, true, that on various occasions the English sovereigns
    endeavoured to circumvent their Scottish neighbours,
    and to pervert the homage, which they admitted to be due for their possessions at England,
    into an unconditional homage for the kingdom of Scotland.*"

    The note at the bottom of that page,
    "*It is worthie of notice, that in the account given in the English official records of the homage
    rendered by Alexander III, the original words of the homage have been fraudulentlie erased,
    and others taking their place; a clear proof that the terms in which it was expressed had not been
    satisfactorie to the English monarch. The record is still extant, and the fraud visible."

    There Aint Nothing New Under Thee Sun..................

    "Such was the memorable battle of Bannockburn;
    it put a final termination to the schemes of conquest on which successive English monarchs had
    lavished so much blood and treasure, and raised Scotland from the
    condition an oppressed and conquered province, to that of a
    free and independent countrie. It taught the Scottish people
    to continue their resistance to invaders to the last extremitie,
    and never to regard their cause as desperate."

    "King Robert the Bruce required, as a preliminarie basis of any treatie between the kingdoms, that
    the independence of Scotland should be recognised;
    and this important concession was finallie made at a parliament held at York, A.D. 1328,
    in which it was agreed, that the English monarch should renounce, fullie and forever,
    all claims of dominion and superioritie over Scotland."

    A.D. 1708 The Abominable , "GREAT" BRITAIN

    "An incorporating "GREAT" BRITAIN was openlie and loudlie denounced as nothing less than an entire surrender,
    not merlie of the dignitie and independence, but the verie
    nationalitie of Scotland."

    "But the ungenerous conduct of the English government in conducting the negotiations for a "GREAT" BRITAIN;
    the contemptuous terms in which Scotland was spoken of by several leading members of the English parliament;
    the neglect with which the Scottish nation were treated; and the unfairness of some of the conditions imposed upon it;
    the mode in which the court partie carried through their measures;
    and the briberie by which it was generallie thought not a few members of the Scottish parliament
    were induced to sacrifice the independence of their countrie;
    long rankled in the minds of the people of Scotland."

    S C O T I A Aint The Bloodie English --- YES For Independence ......
    S C O T I A Aint The Bloodie English --- YES For Independence ......
    S C O T I A Aint The Bloodie English --- YES For Independence ......

    A!!! Y!!! E!!!

    Henceforth , SCOTCH Patriots ..................

    Sincerely, Indeed,

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    Re: SCOTIA --- Y E S , INDEED

    If this is breaking world news,I'm off to the sports channels to find some golf...