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Finding out just what is on electricscotland

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  • Finding out just what is on electricscotland

    Having now looked at the Community, did you see what the main site offers ? I thought not...!

    On the main site, under the top banner, there is a list going from 'Accommodation' to 'What's New'.

    I suggest that any time you are on the site , why not select any two of the links, and see what there is listed.

    Perhaps another time you visit the main site, why not select a further two and have a look.

    If when you have time, you keep doing that, you will be amazed what is available.

    Some of the links show a very large number of sub-links, so perhaps several visits may be necessary.

    It is ALL there for you, not only to enjoy, but at same time learn about Scotland and the Scots....... yes and the whole world.