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  • Hello to all!

    It never ceases to amaze me my ancestors arrived in the American colonies 300+ yrs ago and never made it any farther than Kentucky. :smile:

    Fine with me. This part of the US is beautiful and I'm glad they stayed. Even more amazing to me is the families who came here together also stayed. These Scots-Irish roots are deep. Good thing for the US too since we continue to save their butts when the fighting starts. Doubt that? Do some fact checking. :cool:

    So greetings all!

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    Re: Hello to all!

    I stayed a few months in Kentucky on the West Virginia border near Williamson. I stayed in the Winter months so never saw any leaves on the trees so a bit stark.

    Also spent an hour on Christmas Day back in 1997 on Coal Country Radio. Got lots of visits after than and got told many stories. One was that the tax men would come into the country... tax the Germans and then move up the mountains to tax the Scots and got fired upon so never managed to collect the taxes. After that happened a few years in a row the Germans moved up to join them <grin>

    It was while staying there that I first hard the song "Coal Miners Daughter" living up a hollar (not sure if that's the right spelling) but I mind asking Debbie what a hollar was and she looked at me as if I was daft and said "you're living in one".

    We have a section on the site about the Scots-Irish at

    And we have a section for Scots in America at



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      Re: Hello to all!

      I think it's a local term for hollow.




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        Re: Hello to all!

        Hugh, you are correct, full marks..... lol

        Proof -,_Kentucky

        For those whwo do not know the lady, have a look here.

        and for a little more history....

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          Re: Hello to all!

          Hey, y'all...I live in SE Indiana, just across the mighty Ohio River from Kentucky. Had several ancestors down there, the Morgans around Lexington, also my Grandfather said his uncle was the first white child born at Bryan's Station (around Lexington too!). I use to "date" someone who said he'd come from "Toby Holler", which is near to Manchester. And that my friends, is how they do pronounce the word. Have always known folks from KY, as they'd come up from down there, where there weren't many jobs, & migrate to Dayton, Ohio, Cincinnati, & Columbus. However, the area at Cumberland Gap has always been one of my favorite camping spots, & I usually stop at the side of the road, when I see the first mountains ahead. That's between Tennesee & Middlesboro, KY. The Gap, I mean!

          So long, Joan