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At the top of each page of the site you'll find our menu which will lead you to the major sections of the site where we collect material related to the menu description. To demonstrate how deep our menus can go let us say you were looking for information on the Clan MacDonald. 

Click on Histories of Official Clans and if you click on that you'll get a page which lists of all the official clans.  Click on MacDonald and that gets you to the Clan MacDonald page. From there you can navigate to all the relevent pages for the clan.

Essentially as we are such a large site we really have no alternative but to create a larger layer of menus to guide you to all the material we carry. We have in fact received a very high rating for our site navigation from respondents to our annual questionnaires so hopefully this means most of you will have no problems in finding what you are after.

The problem about browsing is simply that it might not be obvious where to look for an item you are interested in.  For example, you might want to know if we have any information on Scots words as you are going to a Burns supper and want to try and understand some of the words of a poem. Rather than guess where to look you would be better using our search engine.

One other tip for you is that when you arrive on a page that you've enjoyed reading and would like to read more then check for a link at the foot of the page.  We make a habit of adding lots of books and many time a page is simply one chapter of the book.  This means at the end of the page we put up a link which will return you to the index page of the book or to the next level up from that page.

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