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We get many queries on whether your name has a tartan assigned to it.  We provide through the House of Tartan and the Scottish Tartan Society several search engines to help you locate that tartan. The page can be located by clicking on Tartans in our main menu.

House of Tartan provides three search facilities and the first one you'll see is where you simply need to enter your name or the first four characters of the name and it will try and find it.  You can also use the drop down menu under the search box to select variations of the tartan.

The second search facility is where you simply click on the first letter of the name and it will bring up a page with all the tartans listed under the letter.  So if you were a Drummond simply clock on the letter D and it will list every tartan starting with that letter.

The third search facility lets you view all the tartans for your name but also gives you the opportunity to view products in your tartan that you can purchase online.

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