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You should note that we have thousands of pictures throughout the site.  The vast majority of the pictures are thumbnailed to a smaller size for faster loading of the page.  Where you see a faint blue line around the picture then that will be a thumbnail image. Simply click on the picture to see a larger version.

Note also that some browsers will reduce the image if you can't see it all on the screen. In this case a graphic will normally appear on the bottom right corner of the picture which means if you click on that you will see the picture at its true size. Also more modern browser will show a + and - sign when you place your cursor over the image showing that you can expand the picture to a larger size.

Also note that some browsers such as AOL default your graphics to low resolution to make the pictures load quicker. Problem is that you will not see the true quality of the picture as it may be reduced to 16 colours. Check your browsers default settings for displaying graphics if you suspect you are not seeing a high quality picture.

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