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How to submit articles and family genealogy

There are now a number of ways in which you can submit genealogy and general articles to our site and here are a few ways...

Electric Scotland Article Service
You can find this at

This service allows you to submit any article you wish and include a picture. Should you wish to send a series of articles on a special theme you might wish to see a special category or sub-category to hold them and if that is the case please email us. (Our email address can be found on our "Contact Us" page).

Within this service you can also add book reviews and provide a url to a site where the book can be published.

Before submitting an article we'd recommend you read the information on the info page so that your article is presented well on the page.

Electric Scotland Recipe Database
You can find this at

We welcome submissions of new recipes from all our visitors.

Electric Scotland's Genealogy Site
You can find this at

Here you can get a free account where you can submit your family tree and build it over time.

The Electric Scotland Site

Should you wish to submit an article for the main Electric Scotland web site we're more than happy to receive it.  Should you be thinking about sending in more than one article then do tell us so we can create an index page to hold your articles. 

We'd normally suggest that you simply email attach your document and any graphics but you can also supply a .pdf file if you wish. Simply email this to us. (Our email address can be found on our "Contact Us" page). Please tell us in the main body of the email what you are attaching as if there is no explanation it's likely that we won't open the attachment.

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How to submit articles and family genealogy
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