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FriedaKateM Noble 1st July 2010 1,317 Today 01:30 FriedaKateM's Avatar   This new pic is of me & my younger brother, at Nag's Head, NC, Outer Banks, for his dtr's wedding in spring.Southwestern OhioGenealogy, work on home, CATS.NOW retired, but do sell books part-time.United States 
1938 Observer Noble 12th June 2010 1,647 Today 00:24 1938 Observer's Avatar January 12  Penguin. Tasmania.Genealogy,Family,Military History...retired,,doing a lot of nothingAustralia 
Rick Man At Arms 1st August 2010 346 Yesterday 14:51     Rather boring fellow!Prince George, British Columbia, CanadaScottish historical presence in western Canada, family history, stone masonry, literature and poetryConsultant, sessional university lecturerCanada 
Alastair Seneschal 6th June 2010 4,269 Yesterday 10:41 Alastair's Avatar January 31 Publisher of the ElectricScotland domains of .com, .org and .net and also Prior to launching my web business I ran Almac BBS for man years.Chatham, Ontario, CanadaHistory of Scotland Web development, ScFi & FantasyWeb PublisherCanada
sandyc Knight 2nd July 2010 695 20th September 2019 10:01         Scotland 
Robert Downie Peasant 19th August 2010 0 20th September 2019 03:19 Robert Downie's Avatar    Oakville, OntarioGenealogy, Reading, Chess, Music, enjoying Good Red Wines, & Strong BeersRetiredScotland 
Glesgalass Knight 2nd July 2010 678 19th September 2019 23:22 Glesgalass's Avatar    Gosford, New South Wales, AustraliaI hate Justin Bieber club! Australia 
malartic Peasant 24th January 2011 1 13th September 2019 13:56           
redneckbobby Peasant 29th August 2011 0 12th September 2019 20:10         United States 
keltie61 Crofter 1st July 2010 7 29th August 2019 17:04      Darwin, Northern Territory, Australiatravelling, especially back to ScotlandClerical Officer with NT GovernmentAustralia 
macaverty Crofter 7th July 2010 23 26th August 2019 13:26           
swiftest Craftsperson 22nd December 2012 231 8th August 2019 08:30   December 24, 1937     Canada 
Euan Squire Send a message via Skype™ to Euan 12th June 2010 385 4th August 2019 06:40 Euan's Avatar   Tall Dark and HandsomeBrisbane, Queensland, AustraliaBeer, Cars and that orderManager  
mhoira Crofter 6th July 2010 12 18th July 2019 22:43 mhoira's Avatar    South Australia RetiredAustralia 
ladyinthemists Crofter 22nd July 2011 7 5th June 2019 09:13 ladyinthemists's Avatar May 12  the misty mountains diva, dreamerUnited States 
JohnWelch Peasant 30th May 2019 2 5th June 2019 03:44      AustraliaCeltspc  
Tam the Celt Citizen 29th June 2012 32 24th February 2019 04:51     A member of the Scottish National PartyPerth Scotland  Scotland 
dmf Citizen 7th July 2010 47 28th January 2019 17:41 dmf's Avatar    Old Kilpatrick, West DunbartonshireWriting; research. Scotland 
Columba Knox Apprentice 26th May 2013 58 25th December 2018 04:55     http://thinkingswritings.blogspot.comhttp://thebestofflying.blogspot.comhttp://clanporridge.blogspot.comCURVES999@GMAIL.COMScotland
sealpoint Peasant 2nd August 2011 2 6th December 2018 21:58         United States 
miolchu Squire 5th July 2010 411 2nd November 2018 07:27 miolchu's Avatar   I feel very oldSoutheast WyomingIrish Wolfhound, Acoustic Music, Outdoor activitiesPrivate Non ProfitUnited States 
eschillinger Peasant 16th July 2010 2 27th October 2018 09:47           
jimdevaughn Peasant 29th July 2010 0 26th October 2018 18:23     I have been doing genealogy for more than 30 years. Most of my Scottish heritage is from around the Peterhead area in Aberdeenshire.Lynnwood WA, USAGenealogyRetiredUnited States
BKelloggSr Peasant 1st July 2010 3 5th October 2018 07:18           
Bullrem Peasant 28th January 2011 0 21st June 2018 22:06           
Hugh Noble 2nd July 2010 1,204 16th April 2018 15:43 Hugh's Avatar    Sarnia, Ontario, Canada retiredCanada 
AussieScot Crofter 8th July 2012 19 15th December 2017 14:41     I am first generation Australian, born of a Scottish father and Irish/Australian mother. I live with my husband Iain (who also had a Scottish father) in sunny Brisbane, Australia. The combination of very fair skin and high ultra-voilet rays has resulted in skin cancers which have had to be removed. One of life's lessons learned: always wear a hat in the sun!Brisbane, AustraliaReading, writing, theatre, musicals, moviesJournalist, Editor, AuthorAustralia 
DameTemplar Crofter 15th July 2010 12 30th July 2017 20:45 DameTemplar's Avatar     Knights Templar - Prior, St JamesHospital Chaplain & LawyerCanada 
Ross-ter Citizen 2nd July 2010 42 10th June 2017 10:29 Ross-ter's Avatar   A mini-biography may be found on my personal website.Toronto, Ontario, Canadagenealogy, computer programming, cartooning,retired, national webmaster for the Clan Ross Association of Canada, Inc.  
hoofer327 Peasant 9th July 2010 0 2nd June 2017 08:24           
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