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d27ftlyg Peasant 18th November 2012 0 18th November 2012 07:40         Aaland 
daalme2 Peasant 10th July 2010 2 27th November 2011 14:30           
Dacey Peasant 15th March 2012 0 15th March 2012 23:19         United States 
Daisy144 Peasant 13th April 2011 2 29th January 2012 06:53      West Virginia, USAGenealogy, Reading, Needlepoint, Cross Stitch, QuiltingRetired Real Estate Secretary  
Daluuuour Peasant 27th August 2012 0 27th August 2012 01:53         Tonga 
dameannemac Peasant 14th July 2010 3 5th April 2012 09:14     founder of Celebration of Celts, Dame Kinght Templars Grand Priory of Scotland,Hudson, New YorkAll things Celtic, P.R.Director R.T. Burns Club and All things ScottishP.R. and marketing  
DameTemplar Crofter 15th July 2010 12 30th July 2017 20:45 DameTemplar's Avatar     Knights Templar - Prior, St JamesHospital Chaplain & LawyerCanada 
damppalk Peasant Send a message via ICQ to damppalk 7th May 2012 0 2nd August 2012 21:46 damppalk's Avatar   ManРоссияdamppalkVBРоссияAalanddamppalkVB
DangYou Peasant 8th October 2012 0 8th October 2012 10:22         United States 
daniemoir Peasant 4th September 2013 0 31st December 2016 06:34   November 19  Blues Mills,Nova ScotiaGenealogy,Wood workingCarpenterCanada 
daniswir Peasant 14th July 2012 0 14th July 2012 13:22         Anguilla 
Daoorazier Peasant 25th July 2012 0 25th July 2012 01:11         Tunisia 
Dapptills Peasant 14th July 2012 0 14th July 2012 01:50         India 
daraTicoscibrE Peasant 7th September 2012 0 7th September 2012 07:40         Spain 
darian35 Crofter 27th February 2013 5 12th March 2013 08:27 darian35's Avatar December 15, 1980     United States 
Darla Budworth Peasant 1st July 2010 2 15th September 2016 21:38     My family, The W.W. Fergusons, came to No. Cal by wagon train in 1849 from Clay Co., Indiana and settled in the Alexander Valley near Healdsburg, CA in 1857. That's where I was born, (Healdsburg, CA) grew up, and still live near by.Wine Co. Northern CAHealdsburg Museum, San Francisco Giants Baseball, Antiques, TravelRetired CPAUnited States 
darnkli Peasant 14th August 2012 0 14th August 2012 03:44         Algeria 
darylportani Peasant Send a message via Yahoo to darylportani Send a message via Skype™ to darylportani 15th August 2012 0 15th August 2012 10:17      Australiahow to prevent hair lossbarberPhilippines
david edwards Peasant 17th March 2011 1 17th March 2011 15:22           
David McGill Peasant 10th February 2015 1 12th February 2015 23:44     Graduate of Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow Unitarian, socialist, trouble-makerEdinburgh, ScotlandLawn bowls, golf, creative writing, painting, designingArchitect, designerScotlandNone
David Thomson Peasant 25th May 2013 0 28th May 2013 12:33   July 13, 1940 Was brought up in Lossiemouth and spent the first seven working years on the family fishing boat. Went to Africa in 1962 to work for 3 years develping the fishery on newly formed Lake Kariba in then Northern Rhodesia which became independent Zambia in 1964. Went to Newfoundland, Canada in 1965 to serve for 2 years as Lecturer in the nautical science department, then moved to the USA, Rhode Island to take up post as assistant professor. Wrote several books and papers on fishing including 'The Seine Net', 'Pair Trawling', 'Fisheries Extension', 'Fishing Vessel Design', 'Intermediate Technology and alternative energy systems for fisheries', 'Fishing Grounds and Fishing Charts', etc. Served with FAO for 20 years in Indonesia, Philippines, the South Pacific, Rome Italy, and much of Africa. Undertook consultancies for UNIDO in Vienna Austria, the South Pacific and West Africa. For the EU undertook assignments in Thailand (following the tsunami of December 2014), and in Cambodia on an emergency food program. Led the implementation of national fishery reforms in Cambodia and the great lake of tonle Sap and the Mekong river, under the Royal Government of Cambodia, ADB and FAO. Wrote Fisheries Management Regimes of the North Atlantic for the UK government Cabinet Research office; The Sea Clearances and the Hebrides / West of Scotland fishing communities for FAO folowing the Kyoto Conference. Lastly, 'A Fisherman's Reflections on a beautiful but troubled world' posted on electricscotland website Canada.Lossiemouth, Scotlandwriting, readingRetired aid workerScotland
david001 Peasant 1st June 2013 0 1st June 2013 06:53   October 6, 1993     United States 
dawson84 Peasant 12th September 2012 0 12th September 2012 05:48 dawson84's Avatar   World Kitchen, LLC is a world leader in the houseware industry.London,UK BusinessUK 
dcw1951 Peasant 8th January 2012 0 8th January 2012 11:45         United States 
ddomosedov Peasant 16th November 2012 0 16th November 2012 14:04         Luxembourg 
Deb Crofter 2nd July 2010 16 6th December 2012 22:12     Married, & have a beautiful daughter & grandsonOhiocomputers, reading, landscaping, photographyschool bus driver for now  
Debbuoong Peasant 4th September 2012 0 4th September 2012 23:14         Turkey 
Debra Barry Crofter 31st July 2010 10 15th October 2010 22:17 Debra Barry's Avatar   Happily retired, great family, blessed by love.Montreal, Quebec, Canada, CanadaMovies Clan Ross, Books, Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to32 years teaching high school, Happy, happy!  
deception26 Peasant 3rd April 2012 0 8th April 2012 21:22         Philippines 
delaneyl Peasant 27th June 2012 0 27th June 2012 03:06       swimming United States 
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