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  1. Re: Traveling to Maya Rivera, Playa del Carmen, Cancun - Suggestions?

    Sorry for late answer but may be helpful for other guys. Maya Rivera is a great place for travel. It has many good places where you can go and enjoy your vacations. It all depend on your interests,...
  2. Re: How wireless charging could boost the electric car

    We need to generate these types of things which save energy and may be money. This technological innovation is under use but it leads to very less to the energy preserving from now on.
  3. Thread: Hand Painting

    by darian35

    Re: Hand Painting

    Wow, amazing work man. This is awesome. Somewhere I read in a book or any one say about painting and artwork. Illustrating is the base of excellent artwork, even if you do in the subjective.
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    Re: How to lose weight ?

    If you want to loss your weight, you must be do exercise with any diet plan. You can manage your own plan. I try to keep up my weight with helping light food and doing exercise for 45 mints in a day....
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    New to the forum

    Hi everyone, I'm new in this forum. I know that forums are a good place to learn and interact with other people , so that People can share their experience with each other. I have read many threads...
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