The SDA has published a Fishing Policy paper which you can get to at http://www.scottishdemocraticallianc...%20Fishing.pdf

It starts by saying...

A Fishing Sector Policy for Independent Scotland

Fishing is of vital interest to Scotland. After centuries – indeed millennia – of environmentally benign exploitation and husbanding of resources, Scotland’s fishing industry has been devastated by ideology-based intervention, mismanagement and overfishing by the European Union. The result has been a loss of tens of thousands of jobs and an annual loss to Scotland’s economy of wealth creation considerably in excess of 1,500 million per year. More than 1,200 modern family-owned offshore boats have been scrapped. There is no hope of any improvement of this state of affairs within the European Union. Incomprehension of the Scottish situation, stubbornly inflexible ideology detached from reality, and not least unconcealed acquisitive greed on the part of other EU member states and large commercial corporations will always prevent the necessary revision of the four relevant treaties. There is no possibility of any significant improvement of Scotland’s situation within the EU, and the ruthless over-exploitation of Scotland’s resources will continue unabated. The SDA proposes complete withdrawal from this Brussels-controlled lunacy as part of its overarching goal of a Scottish transfer to the EFTA side of the European Economic Area, which is not subject to the CFP. Its proposals for the reorganisation of fisheries management in independent Scotland have accordingly been compiled on this basis.