I am virtually in the dark ages as far as technolgy goes. But thoughts and ideas are cheap and email ready at one's fingertips. If you think this is worth posting to a discussion forum, that's fine with me.

As I see it, for Fallbrook there has been a single- minded focus and that is a good thing of course, but I also think a back-up plan might be discussed as well Especially re the house. When I'm particulaly fanciful, (If the house comes down), I imagine a virtual house true in detail and positioning. A bit ghostly but that is one thought.A laser beam light show.( I think of the World Trade Centre ) Only to be seen at night of course.( Well scrap that idea but it was fun thinking about it.)

Another is: the house is deconstructed and all parts labelled and stored. It would still be saved until a viable and political solution acceptable to all parties is found.

The third of course is that a benefactor would emerge with a master plan that would satisfy all the parties involved.

In the meantime Fallbrook North Halton goes ahead with the educational component. I outlined this in an email to Bill McKay yesterday.

Within the house, if it is maintained, or on panel walls of a pavilion style structure... (cement floor and shingled roof with post supports) (the sides of these four half walls open above and below,) could be material about "Fallbrook Communities" in laminated panels.

Properly executed this would need very little money for maintenance. With picnic tables in the pavilion it would also provide a respite for hikers on the Bruce Trail and day trippers. This should not interfere with Silvercreek Conservation Authority, nor the education component of the site managed by the school board. Parking would still be limited which has always been a difficulty, but a way might be found.

What I suggested to Bill in an email I sent earlier as follows:

Fallbrook N.H. could oversee or help direct the educational component. Being in the community and the work already done gives Fallbrook NH the legitimacy to spearhead a steering committee and bring together all the interested parties. OHT, University of Guelph, U of T. CVC, etc.; an exploration of “Fallbrook Communities” could go forward. Maybe leaving aside the contentious issue of the house itself for now.

My initial vision:

For four walls:

Wall 1) Drawings of artifacts found by U of T students at Emmerson Springs. Native life.

Wall 2) The First Europeans. Sandy’s ancestor; Construction of mill, bridge, and house. Dendrochonology. Some drawings from Tom Murison’s report. Horse and buggy picture on the bridge.

Wall 3) Ballinafad Community: Pictures of church, school, mill, blacksmith shop, general store etc. Pictures of Tweedsmuir history of Ballinfad and also the current history ( book) with the interviews.

Wall 4) The Vaughn Years: Wayne’s piece about the shed. Bequest to the CVC and the educational component.

Natural Heritage and the CVC role.

All this material, except for the drawings of artifacts and a bit about Natural Heritage, Fallbrook NH already has, so there is a lot to offer already. I wouldn’t hesitate to go ahead and spell out a plan to the parties involved.

This in essence is your business plan. The CVC, the Universities and the OHT would be the contributing partners in this project. And since you have a plan with a comprehensive educational component re the site, it behooves the powers-that-be to house and display it. (Well you could try to make that argument.)

Janice Treciokas