Before we get full independence, we should establish a non-elected upper parliamentary chamber and name it The Senate: not elected because an elected senate muddles the essential clarity and monopoly of executive power of the elected first chamber.

Members should be nominated by any individual or organisation in Scotland on the basis of merit, knowledge and life achievement to a statutory independent appointments commission.

They should serve part-time for a period of 15 years extendable once by 10 years. Holyrood should be able to appoint ministers from the Senate. Membership would be a position but not an honour or a rank.

Like the US Presidency pre-occupied with re-election in its final two years, our Parliament does not always take a generation-long view. A senate’s independence, expertise and capacity to take a view not limited by the electoral cycle would benefit Scotland.

The Independent Appointments Commission should make appointments from successful Scottish industrialists, land and forestry owners, foresters, trawler owners and fishermen, farmers, the professions, the armed forces and other public services indeed anyone who has experience in our various walks of life who can bring a broad range of expertise and experience to bear on matters of public policy: and people who can help the Senate to maintain a philosophical, moral and spiritual perspective.

The process of establishing The Senate should not be undertaken by the Scottish Parliament or the Scottish Executive. Once Parliament has legislated to establish the Independent Appointments Commission, the nomination process should begin. No attempt should be made to ensure a representative proportion of politically correct folk, disabled, minority groups, those of ethnic origin, trade unionists, sportsmen, ex-convicts, even journalists and newspaper owners. We can trust everyone in Scotland to make sensible nominations and the appointments commission to pick a good team.

Holyrood is already admired world-wide as a model of a modern democratic assembly.

This is another step to get Scotland ready for Home Rule.