A Refuge for the Weary Heart

Apricot blossoms float through the air
Land on the winter grass where,
The fragility of their being calls to be seen
“Look! See! This grass is thoroughly green.

The pear tree out front is a great mass
Of white fluffy blooms, something of class
Jonquil blooms wave in wide clumps of yellow.
“Altogether now! I’m feeling oh so mellow.”

I’ll sweep off the patio where this year is fair,
With new Colors of white, blue, lavender for chairs
A table top of painted pastel blue-green,
Backed by the colors in paintings on wall beam

There’s a sailboat in waters of turquoise and blue
Another of the ranch house in shades of lavender too.
Buffalo roam across that wall caught in the time of art
Reaching out, a refuge for those who pass by of weary heart.