July 21, 2012

The thermometer is up to 107 and is it ever dry, too. Any activities outdoors leave us something like the barn yard chickens as they ran from shady place to shady place trying to stay just a bit cooler. Mother kept more pans of water in that shade and the chickens drank that readily and
often. I remember enjoyed watching them take a sip, throw their head way back to swallow.

McCord road is one mile over and this brief article tells how easy it is to get a fire going.


For me the Aarora incident was heavy on my mind and as usual tried to
find some comfort somewhere. The local greenhouse could do no more for some of their plants and had them on sale so I loaded up a bunch of
them to bring home. With water and transplanting they are standing up
straight looking for all the world to belong here on my plant filled patio.
The aroma of the many pungent herbs is much nicer than a mold odor.
A good friend and her husband came for supper one evening and she shared her secret for keeping a moldy smell out of the patio plants.
She mixes 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil in a cup of water and puts it in a spray bottle. She sprays plants, their soil, and the ground around them The absence of a moldy smell is wonderful.

So it is we are maintaining here on the Rhonda Lou with our heart going out to the folks who suffered the loss of their own to the gunman who gunned down families and friends in the shooting at Aurora, Colorado
Here’s a good article on PTSD, post traumatic stress disorder you might wish to share: http