I've now created a news feed which is mainly targeted at the Scots Diaspora and will contain news from both Scotland and from the Scots Diaspora overseas.

This is an RSS feed so when you visit our index page at http://www.electricscotland.com you'll see I have now changed the page giving a short introduction and then feature the "Scottish and Scots Diaspora News". I have used a special script to display the RSS feed onto the page. There is also a wee RSS logo and by clicking on that you can actually subscribe to this so it will be delivered to your own web browser.

In addition, I have added as wee text link where if you click on it you will find java code. By inserting this code into a page on your own web site the feed will be displayed on your own site and will automatically be updated any time anyone visits that page.

I'm of course dependent on finding news and getting in press releases so hopefully this will develop as folk find out we're making this available and will want to send in their news.

Hope you enjoy this new service.