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Thread: The hazzard of Radon gas

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    The hazzard of Radon gas

    Covering Scotland, an interesting BBC article about Radon.

    Looking at the map, it is surprising the the Central Belt (Glasgow - Edinburgh) seem devoid of any notifications. Strange due to the vast amount of mining for coal.

    However, one must think what happened to the landscape during, and after the ice age.

    Looking at the entire Forth (river) Valley, most of it is very low lying, being made up from rubble and small boulders when the ice tore down mountains.

    We cannot stop the ever changing world, but unfortunately we can speed it up.

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    Re: The hazzard of Radon gas

    In the Rocky Mountain Region of the U.S., randon is most commonly associated with areas in which granite is the predominate mineral and in some areas where soils are formed from decayed shales (e.g., Pierre Shale). There is some minor component of radon in the ground waters that originated in the Rocky Mountain Front Range such as the Laramie, North and South Platte rivers.

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