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Thread: Lady Thatcher

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    Lady Thatcher

    Funny how no-one has had anything to say about Margaret Thatcher, the milk snatcher. I've been surprised at the level hate after all these years. All my relatives in Scotland hated her during her time in office, not that I lived there then but I heard about her every time I was there. I can't understand why some people say that she did good things when, under her Government, the unemployment rate was the highest it has ever been in doubled apparently.


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    Re: Lady Thatcher

    I think you need to consider that Scotland is a very socialist country. What Margaret Thatcher did was destroy the power of the unions as frankly they had gone too far and wouldn't let managers manage their businesses. I was living down in the Midlands at the time and frankly the unions were totally out of control down there and especially in the car industry.

    She also put Great back into Great Britain and moved to a free market economy by selling state owned industries back to the private sector.

    You'll hear about the Poll Tax in Scotland but the fact is that widows owning a house in Scotland and living on their own would have been much better off if the Poll tax had gone through as would sole occupier home owners. I remember a Labour party MP saying at the time that they had a disaster in mailing out to single people instead of families.

    Sure she did a lot of damage to mining communities but equally the miners themselves caused a lot of these problems by their hard line policies. They simply wouldn't compromise and neither would she.

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