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Thread: New Computer!

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    Hi, Sandy...Basically, I was used to my other mouse, as I'd liked how it moved better. However, it seemed as soon as I got Lenovo computer hooked up, the previous mouse froze, couldn't be moved! And the keyboard is flatter, harder to see as keys shallower, & feel overall, these two items seem to be manufactured in a much cheaper way. They both feel more "frail, or fragile" than my previous ones.

    However, I am mainly very pleased to be working on this set-up, as Win 7 is much faster than Win XP. I'd been concerned that after April, that XP wouldn't be supported by Microsoft. I do like this, but it's difficult to start over again! There's a few other things I don't care for, but sure that I will adjust.

    Thanks for the assist. This computer has its own back-up, but I think I'll continue to use Memeo Seagate, which is a little black box, with USB cable, which does back up my files. The only thing I haven't been able to find is my music files. And frankly, I don't really need them.


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    Just a quick see IF anyone else on here uses Mozilla Firefox for a browser. I'd been advised some time ago, to have it on my system...just in case something on Windows XP (now 7) freezes up. I've been having problems with Adobe Digital Editions, & thought it just might help in regard to those difficulties. However, so far am still in the process of attempting many different things. Let me know what you all (not Southern!) know about Mozilla. Thanks, Joan

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    Re: New Computer!

    I have internet explorer and google chrome and I have noticed that either the browser doesn't like some sites or some sites prefer one browser to the other. I'm not sure which it is but, for example, this web site seems to prefer internet explorer and so does Facebook......funny thing is that google itself seems to prefer IE.


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    Re: New Computer!

    I use the same mix Elda and do not notice any problems with ES or FB on Chrome.
    The only reason I have IE is exactly because some sites do not work with Chrome. I did try Firefox at one point years ago and never really saw any reason to stay with it...


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