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Thread: Who needs paints and brushes for a black and white sketch ?

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    Who needs paints and brushes for a black and white sketch ?

    The artist who makes pictures with a typewriter
    BBC Magazine 1 November 2013 Last updated at 00:01 GMT

    In a world of computers and smartphones, the humble typewriter seems long-forgotten as a means to communicate.

    But one woman has found a continuing use for the machines and it has nothing to do with writing words.

    Keira Rathbone uses the letters, numbers and symbols to create art - from tiny stick figures to huge multi-page montages.

    She says she began the technique after sitting at a typewriter with a desire to type, but nothing to say.

    Video Journalist: John Galliver

    Use the above link for the video.

    For some samples of her work:-

    Not so easy with computer, anyone here going to give it a try ?
    Remember the typewriter came from Croatia, and therefore the keyboard characters are not the same as ours.

    Have fun.

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