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Thread: Whipped by the Dowpour!

  1. Whipped by the Dowpour!

    Went out just in the past few minutes into my woods, & around my barn lot. Had the thought in my mind, that I'd fill up the mower, & then proceed to cut grass. However....I could feel in the air, the moisture, & felt light drops of rain. Muttering under my breath, I returned to the house, & a major downpour came down. Now a few minutes again later, the sun is shining. BUT the grasses are now soaked, & this doesn't allow for any cutting today again. We've been having a lot of this type of weather lately, making it feel like we're down in Mississippi, or another of the Southern US.

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    Re: Whipped by the Dowpour!

    Joan, as I used to say to foreign visitors to the garage for car service, "if you don't like the weather in Scotland - wait a minute" !


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    Re: Whipped by the Dowpour!

    We got torrential rain yesterday with thunder and lightning. It didn't last long but the street got flooded.


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