Ranald: did the post and later had a re-think....Henderson's Farm, Perth, Crieff Road, my family lived in Ruthven Place, across a field from Pullers dye works but the swedes came from my Dad's garden or one of the others, almost sure the Munro's had a garden. Now houses where the farm was. The farm had a field with two hills, great for sledging, the lower hill was most popular and the start of the run would be pure ice. Hockey team had a lot of Canadians and I do remember names, George Leonard in goal, Jimmy Ross defense and Sam McNabney...mibee the spelling is wrong. A shop at the corner or Atholl Street and Mevthen Road was where my grandfather worked, he was a kilt maker, set up in the window so people could watch him but that was before I was born. Saint played at Muirton Park, wasnae seats at that time.