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Thread: Volunteer for your local Cat/Dog rescue organization!

  1. Volunteer for your local Cat/Dog rescue organization!

    As I am a senior myself, I looked around for a good reason to take myself out of "myself". By doing so, I offered to volunteer for Hamilton, Ohio's Animal Adoption Foundation. This has literally been a "blessing in disguise", as I am making new friends with the workers who are human there, plus get an opportunity to get to know cats & dogs, without having to "take care of" them in my own home. I have one cat here at present time @ home, & she is extremely nice, very laid-back, & loving. I have a tendency to want to have "lots" of pets, but no longer live out in the country. That's where I used to have cats coming to live in my barn, having babies, etc., etc. Have also had a Jack Russell female dog in past, and an Airedale female dog as well. Cannot have any large pets here, as my condo association has decreed. I do still yearn to have a dog, but am attempting to hold myself back. I live on a limited income now, so keep on making vows to self to NOT get any more pets.

    I have been having a wonderful time as a volunteer one day a week, for approximately 3 hours. I socialize with the cats, & gaze at the dogs, which does bring back good memories of all my past pets. Hopefully as I continue to grow "older", I will be able to keep up with my volunteering.

    Hi to all, Joan

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    Re: Volunteer for your local Cat/Dog rescue organization!

    Good to hear you are doing this worthwhile work Joan and enjoying it and making friends as well. Good on you.


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  5. Re: Volunteer for your local Cat/Dog rescue organization!

    HI, all once again... I had been having increasing pain, & felt some reluctance to continue working as volunteer with this animal adoption center. I finally did send an email to the director & advised that I would be quitting after working as volunteer for 833.5 hours over a period of a couple of years. Now I am home a bit more, but also am now 79 years young(hah), & do what I want to do. Am getting some assistance in cleaning from our Council on Aging, & doing fun stuff with a few friends. I was out today, getting groceries & necessities in my car. I keep pretty active here in the condo, as I have a basement, & do laundry down there. Do lots of walking as well. We are starting to have cooler temps here now. You all take care, friends. Joan

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