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Thread: Do Your Part: Become a Polls Worker at your Next Election!!!

  1. Do Your Part: Become a Polls Worker at your Next Election!!!

    Here I go again....Recently I got a bill from the local utilities co., & inside was a slip of paper, stating something like help with the next election. So, I applied. Then went to a "training" at the Board of Elections. I was fairly sure I would NOT be capable of doing this, after taking the training. I have to admit, I was scared.

    I was not called to participate in the elections, however, got a phonecall from someone called Betty, who said "You're a back-up worker." I kept on wishing they would not call me to work. But, I got another call from Betty, who said I was needed to work. There's a long story here, involving my setting two alarms (to wake up), & going late one night to get gas for my car, as wasn't sure what I had was enough.

    So, I went to aid in setting up the machines etc., the Monday night before. That wasn't too bad. Then the next AM, I'd NOT wakened at 4:00 AM, as had planned! Jumped into clothes, think I did clean teeth, fed my 2 kitties quickly, & out the door, into the blackness of very early morn. Did not eat any breakfast either. Ok, upon arrival, found a huge table at end of the gym, loaded with muffins, juice, coffee, etc., etc. Gobbled muffin & drank coffee. We began the voting process at 5:30 AM. Few people came in. Worked with others on upping my knowledge of the check-in process, & also greeted our flow of voters with stickers upon their having completed their votes. It's all electronic here, with voting machines that kind of look like "triffids' with screens, & long legs. Over the whole process, I became a "check-in judge". We were there for 15 hours! So, here's a vote for all of us to become a poll worker, & by the way, I will get paid by end of this month. Joan PS: One can do what one sets for self.

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    Re: Do Your Part: Become a Polls Worker at your Next Election!!!

    Good on you... did they feed you anything other than breakfast?


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