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Thread: Newsletter for 4th July 2019

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    Newsletter for 4th July 2019

    For the latest news from Scotland see our ScotNews feed at:

    Electric Scotland News

    We are pleased to announce that Douglas Gibson will continue taking his new 65-minute show on tour across Canada. The show features superb author portraits by Anthony Jenkins, presented on-screen by the wizardry of Doug's "lovely and talented" wife Jane. She also supplies bursts of music from the decade in question as well as iconic works of art from the time, while Doug roams around, shamelessly celebrating our greatest Canadian writers.

    Authors celebrated in the show include not only predictable "M-names" like MacLennan, Mitchell, MacLeod and Munro, all of whom Doug edited and knew well — but you'll find unexpected authors with names like Aubert De Gaspe, Connor, Gallant, Richards, and even...gasp...Leacock! There will, of course, be a Q and A session at the end, and, heaven forbid, over-ripe fruit may be thrown. Books will be on sale.

    So far Doug has presented the GREAT SCOTS show in Guelph, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Saint John, Charlottetown, Antigonish, Halifax, and Wolfville. Simon Fraser University has booked it for October 26, and other bookings are under way.

    Details of Doug's upcoming show — the first in Toronto — are as follows:

    (one block north of Bloor Street)

    Thursday, July 4, 2019
    6:30 pm to 8 pm

    The presentation will be held in The Hinton Learning Theatre on the 3rd Floor. The show is FREE, but advance registration will guarantee a comfortable seat.

    For more information please contact Douglas at Or, at the Library, Nicholas Smidstra (

    All the best,

    David Hunter
    Scottish Studies Foundation


    You can view a video introduction to this newsletter at:

    Scottish News from this weeks newspapers
    Note that this is a selection and more can be read in our ScotNews feed on our index page where we list news from the past 1-2 weeks. I am partly doing this to build an archive of modern news from and about Scotland as all the newsletters are archived and also indexed on Google and other search engines. I might also add that in newspapers such as the Guardian, Scotsman, Courier, etc. you will find many comments which can be just as interesting as the news story itself and of course you can also add your own comments if you wish.

    Why an independent Scotland in EU might not be paradise
    An independent Scotland that rejoined the EU might soon discover itself at odds with Brussels on several key issues, writes Bill Jamieson.

    Read more at:

    Queen celebrates 20th anniversary of Scottish Parliament
    She was accompanied for the ceremony in Edinburgh by Prince Charles, who is known in Scotland as the Duke of Rothesay rather than the Prince of Wales

    View a video at:

    Botched public sector IT contracts leave big black hole
    Repeated problems with IT contracts across the public sector in Scotland have cost the taxpayer more than 250 million in recent years, analysis has revealed.

    Read more at:

    Jeremy Hunt picks Canada’s ex-PM to join Brexit negotiations
    The foreign secretary’s allies revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times that, after wooing Stephen Harper for several weeks, he is set to join. Harper led Canada for nine years, six of which included negotiations with the EU for a free-trade deal that was signed in 2016, the year after he left office.

    Read more at:

    Boris Johnson slams BBC’s political coverage and brands it the Brexit Bashing Corporation.
    They no longer make a pretence of being independent and balanced, in my opinion

    Read more at:

    Kylie Minogue's tears of joy as she finally plays Glastonbury
    Kylie Minogue blinked back tears as she finally got to play Glastonbury's Pyramid Stage, 14 years after cancer forced her to cancel a headline slot.

    Read more at:

    This Canada Day, let us commit to our cousins across the Atlantic
    The Canzuk movement is building momentum and should be taken seriously. 68% of Britons support free movement between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

    Read more at:

    Scotch whisky targeted by new US tariffs
    Scotch whisky is among the products targeted by the US for a possible range of new tariffs on imported goods.

    Read more at:

    Exposing the truth about Scottish exports
    SORRY, but we need to talk about Scottish exports

    Read more at:

    Labour panic over poll putting it in FOURTH on record low of just 18%
    Growing discontent on Brexit position and leader's stance on anti-Semitism

    Read more at:

    Damaging discrimination at the core of SNP medical student policy
    ON MONDAY, at the start of the first week of the Holyrood recess when the Scottish Government hoped no-one would be looking, we learnt that medical students who come from the rest of the UK and who want to apply for undergraduate courses at Scottish universities will find their chances greatly diminished

    Read more at:

    Electric Canadian

    The Canadian Horticulturist
    Volume 33 (1910) can be read at:

    The Canadian Indian
    Volume 1 October 1890. From what I've been able to discover this is the only volume that was printed so guess it didn't get more support although there were ambitions to double the size.

    You can read this at:

    Canadian Forestry Journal
    Volume 15 and on our Magazine page you'll find a link to another 9 copies. You can read Volume 15 at:

    Monte Hale
    Starring in Pioneer Marshal A hard-riding, hard-shooting Western Movie in comic style pdf format (pdf) which you can read at:

    Toronto, Historical, Descriptive and Pictorial
    By Alexander Fraser (1899) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    Electric Scotland

    Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
    Hi. It's time again for a BNFT Section. Please note, I did not put a space between "BNFTJul" on the file which is saved. You can find it just like normal...just remember to leave out the space there. It will open just fine like that, too.

    Hope you all are good and enjoying the summer. We are excited as there is a drive-in movie in teensie Tiger, GA which is about 20 minutes from us! Plans are for us to go on 5 July with two of our friends, for a movie and FIREWORKS at the drive-in. The fella that owns this wonderful place drives a TURQUOISE very old Corvette! I'll just drool over the car when we are there.

    Does anyone else remember the Normandy Drive-In in Jacksonville, FL? We used to cram in about a dozen girlfriends, stop by Krystal Burger (still my favorites) and at 9 cents each, get 2 or 3 dozen little bitty and wonderful everyone would raid the refrigerator at home and take it to the movies with us...we would giggle and laugh and eat our way through whatever movie was playing.

    Thank you for the birthday greetings! I don't feel the least bit different although I feel I can't have birthday candles anymore...the fire department would come.

    Remember to let me know if you change your email. Just send the new address to

    Thanks to Colin Grant-Adams for his Kingdome of Raknar photos from Glasgow, KY. They are much fun to see.

    Please have a wonderful Fourth of July and celebrate our nation's birthday.


    You can read this issue at:

    The Monastic Annals of Teviotdale
    Or, The History and Antiquities of the Abbeys of Jedburgh, Kelso, Melrose, and Dryburgh by the Rev. James Morton, B. D. (1832) (pdf)

    You can read this at:

    A Yacht Voyage to Norway, Denmark and Sweden
    By W. A. Ross, Esq., (second edition) (1849) (pdf)

    This can be read at:

    A Local Sketch from Valentine's Manual for 1863 (pdf) added to our Scots in America section which can be read at:

    The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography
    Volume 1 (pdf) (1877). Samuel Morton, the father of Robert Morton, whose diary is here given as the first article, was a merchant of Philadelphia, the son of James Morton, of Aberdeen, Scotland. You can read this at:

    Another 195 issues can be viewed on the Internet Archive. There is also a link on this page to 2,109 articles from the Jstore collection of articles from these volumes which you can get to at:

    Diary of Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston
    From the Scottish History Society.

    I always find old diary's of great interest and you can read his diary at:

    Scottish Society of Louisville
    Added their July 2019 newsletter and also added links to older copies for 2019 which can be read at:

    Lea-Rig Fancies
    The Rhymes of a Farm Servant by Robert W. Bkackie (1900) (pdf)

    This can be read at:

    The Physical Geology of Great Britain
    A Manual of British Geology by the Late Sir Andrew C. Ramsay, LL.D., F.E.S., &c. Director-General of the Geological Survey of the United Kingdom with a geological map, printed in colour (sixth edition) edited by Horace B. Woodward of the Geological Survey (1894) (pdf)

    Added this to our page about him at:

    The Story

    I see this as an interesting free course that is more pro remain in my view but none the less of interest and may help some to understand what Brexit is all about. They say this will take 12 hours of study but it can go much quicker.

    From Brexit to the break-up of Britain?
    This free course sets the experience of Brexit in the context of the UK. It first analyses Brexit as a symptom of the political, economic and social geography of the UK, focusing on its uneven development in a country increasingly dominated by London and the South East of England. It then considers how the divisions within the UK (within England as well as between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) were reflected in the voting patterns of the 2016 referendum. Finally, the course reflects on the implications of these short-term and long-term trends for the UK’s future as a multinational state.

    A review of the course....
    'From Brexit to the break-up of Britain' - poor quality
    By David Moss

    I have done many open university courses and have generally found them to be of good quality but unfortunately I found this course to be an exception to this. I found it biased and factually inaccurate - for example the assertion that in most of the larger English cities the majority voted to remain is simply untrue - most English cities voted leave (Stoke, Hull, Wolverhampton, Sunderland, Plymouth, Lichfield, Gloucester, Portsmouth, Durham, Derby, Lincoln, Salford, Coventry, Bradford, Southampton, Worcester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Chichester, Chester, Birmingham, etc.) and also many large towns that would traditionally be regarded as cities. These far outnumber the English cities that voted remain. Please note I am not of any political affiliation (I am British and have one parent from Scotland (mother) and one parent from Yorkshire (father)). On the subject of Scotland, I took exception to the 'correct' quiz answer that the referendum result there implied 'Scotland had an internationalist european orientation'. Which part of Europe is Scotland supposed to be orientated towards? Russia? The 'answer' also implies that leave voters don't have an internationalist orientation when it can be argued that their outlook is more global.

    You can take this free course at:

    After studying this course, you should be able to:..

    identify the geographical patterns of voting expressed in the 2016 referendum, particularly as reflected in regional outcomes within England and differences across the territories and nations of the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales)

    understand the underlying processes of uneven development that helped to shape those patterns and, in particular, understand how the development of the London city region affects patterns of development elsewhere in the UK

    understand how the UK is constituted as a state, and how this has been affected by the referendum vote and the move towards Brexit
    assess the role of nationalism and national identity in the context of the nations and territories that make up the UK

    use and interpret a range of statistical data, including survey data. Interpret maps and understand the significance of the different ways in which they may be put together.

    Brexit hub if you haven't seen it already is at:

    And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend.


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    Re: Newsletter for 4th July 2019

    Just thought I'd mention that by placing a link to this thread on YouTube I received a warning that the link had been removed and that a warning was added to my record as the link went to a site with nude pictures and sexuality.

    Of course I appealed but they stuck with the decision. Frankly I'd prefer the gave me specific information as to why they thought this as I can't find any nude pictures on the site. Mind you this is the Google way of doing things these days and is why i no longer use their search engine. I am finding them biased and making decisions that cost web sites thousands of dollar and many hours of extra work to comply with their so called standards.


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