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Well it seems that the new Brexit deal the PM has come up with is worse than Theresa May's deal. I can't see how this will pass in Parliament. He's obviously an idiot. Looks like the Brexit party is now set fair to do very well in the next election whenever that will be.


The British Library would like to archive the following website: Electric Scotland

Dear Sir/Madam,

The British Library would like to archive your website in the UK Web Archive and to make it publicly available. The UK Web Archive was established in 2004 to capture and archive websites from the UK domain and across the web, responding to the challenge of a digital black hole in the nations memory. It contains specially selected websites that represent different aspects of UK heritage on the web, as well as important global events. We work closely with leading international institutions to collect and permanently preserve the web and the open UK Web Archive can be seen at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Nicola Bingham
Lead Curator, Web Archives

And so I have given them permission to archive the site.

Scottish News from this weeks newspapers
Note that this is a selection and more can be read in our ScotNews feed on our index page where we list news from the past 1-2 weeks. I am partly doing this to build an archive of modern news from and about Scotland as all the newsletters are archived and also indexed on Google and other search engines. I might also add that in newspapers such as the Daily Record, Courier, BBC, Capx, ThinkScotland, etc. you will find many comments which can be just as interesting as the news story itself and of course you can also add your own comments if you wish.

I might add that as the Scotsman is now behind a pay wall I have spent some more time on the Daily Record site and am finding some interesting articles about food in Scotland. They do a very poor job of covering business and political news which is perhaps why it's one of the most popular newspapers in Scotland.

Police Scotland unveil new drug-driving detection kits
Police Scotland has unveiled its new drug-detection kit ahead of updated drug-driving laws coming into force.

I have a feeling that Canada might want to check this out as I hear they are having issues getting together a drug testing kit.

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Independence and sovereignty
As Brexit looms, fuelled by a demand for the return of British sovereignty and, in turn, the drive for Scottish Independence gains momentum, the question arises: just what powers are available or are required to be a nation state?

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20 Scottish words and phrases you hardly hear anymore
From "Up to high doh" to "Yer bum’s oot the windae" there are many Scottish phrases long forgotten.

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Hall's of Scotland spark food fight with haggis, chips and cheese roll
Punters are divided online after Prestwick-based food firm revealed their latest Scottish concoction.

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Next week’s Canadian election could deal the UK a new post-Brexit ally
Mr Scheer may prove to be a great friend of the UK going forward, with Canada being a key player in potential future deals between the CANZUK countries Canada, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

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Nicola Sturgeon is trying to square an impossible circle
However confident she seems, Nicola Sturgeon faces unavoidable bear traps

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Pictish carved beasts unlike anything found before
A 1,200-year-old standing stone discovered in the Highlands has carvings never before seen on a Pictish stone, archaeologists have said.

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Angela Merkel fears post-Brexit Britain will be a major competitor to the EU like the US and China
The German Chancellor warned the UK will be able to do battle with bloc for a slice of global trade once it has left.

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Busting the Project Fear health myths about a UK-US free trade deal
DEFRA’s concerns about US food safety standards being lower than those in the EU are not borne out by the evidence.

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Sing a song of Scotland
Folk star Karine Polwart on retooling some of the country’s most famous tunes

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Fresh hope for embattled Scots islands as young people return to boost dwindling populations
The tide may be turning for Scotland’s embattled islands as their dwindling populations are on the rebound, claim experts.

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Baileys Chocolate Yule Log is now on sale and it looks amazing
Asda is selling the new and improved cake that serves eight for 5.

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EU and UK reach deal but DUP refuses support
The prime minister now faces a battle to get the deal through Parliament on Saturday, with the DUP opposing it.

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Have politicians handed the moral baton to lawyers?
Douglas Murray's latest book shows the extent to which politicians have vacated the space of moral arbitration

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Electric Canadian

Robert Campbell
Chief Factor of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Company

Read about him at:

St. Andrew's College Reviews
1916 edition

This edition contains some interesting letters from Canadians writing home from the front.

If you go to our Magazine page at the bottom you'll find a link to find another 210 copies to read on the Internet Archive.

You can read this at:

Autobiography of John Macoun, M.A.
Canadian Explorer and Naturalist, Assistant Director and Naturalist to the Geological Survey of Canada 1831-1920, With Introduction by Ernest Thompson Seton, A memorial volume published by the Ottawa Field-Naturalist Club (1922) (pdf)

You can read about him at:

The Forest of Bourg-Marie
By S. Frances Harrison (second edition) (1898) (pdf)

You can read this at:

Electric Scotland

Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Hi. Here's BNFT Section B for November. Hope you enjoy. You'll find a most interesting four or five pages at the end from Dr. Pete Hylton in Scotland. Fascinating as always!

We leave next Thursday afternoon for Stone Mountain, GA and the Stone Mountain Games. I'll be doing my speeches at the host hotel on Friday...usually at 11 AM and also usually 1 PM. There will be signs in the lobby giving specifics. The speeches are all free. No registration necessary, just show up.

The speeches are "Learn about the Scottish Community and how to find your ancestors there." The other speech is "How to get back to searching in Scotland." Both will be more fun than you think they will be.

My "extra" speech this year (short) will be "Scots have the best ideas! Innovative 'lightbulb's above our heads we can use today!" If your clan has come up with something wonderful...please come and share it.

I'll come "armed" with a couple of extra short bits. Plus, I know not the details, but know we will have a surprise somewhere during the talks.

Hope to see you next week in Atlanta/Stone Mountain!


You can read this issue at:

The Summer Stance
By Lorn MacIntyre

An interesting new book which you can purchase in Kindle format but read some of it at;

Twelve Indian Statesmen
By George Smith, C.L.E., LL.D. (1897) (pdf)

This is about British statesmen who served in India including Scotsmen and can be read at:

The Life of Charles Grant
Sometime Member of Parliament for Inverness-shire and Director of the East India Company by Henry Morris (1904) (pdf)

A really interesting character and well worth a read.

You can read this at:

Celebrating the Life and Times of Hugh Miller
Edited by Lester Borley (2003) (pdf)

A collection of papers presented at an international conference held in Cromarty from 10-12 October 2002, to celebrate the bicentenary of Hugh Miller. Organised by the Cromarty Arts Trust in collaboration with the Elphinstone Institute of the University of Aberdeen and the Highland Theological College.

You can read about him at:

The Witness Papers
The headship of Christ, and The rights of the Christian people, a collection of essays, historical and descriptive sketches, and personal portraitures by Hugh Miller (1872) (pdf)

You can read these at:

Life of George Wishart, the Scottish Martyr
With his translation of the Helvetian Confession and a genealogical history of the Family of Wishart by the Rev. Charles Rogers, LL.D. (1876) (pdf)

You can read this at:

Social Emancipation of the Gipsies
By James Simson (1895) (pdf)

You can read this at:

Added another wee book and several videos to our page at:

The Home Preacher
Added Service 11 by Dr. M’Cosh which you can read at:

Growing Scotland
Gardening contributes to the Scottish Executive agenda to improve the Nation's well being.

You can read more about this at:

The Story

The Sun Says
A HEARTY Sun welcome to Angela Merkel as she joins those of us certain that *Britain WILL thrive outside the EU.

“A potential competitor will emerge for us,” says the German leader. “In addition to China and the United States of America, there will be Great Britain.”

For three years Remain diehards have insisted we are a puny backwater doomed without the might of Brussels to cling to. But even the EU doesn’t believe it . . . quite the reverse.

Merkel has exposed their greatest fear: that Brexit will work, in spades.

That lower taxes and new trade deals, impossible to negotiate as a 28-member bloc, could rapidly make us richer and more attractive to investors than they are.

That lies behind the EU’s relentless campaign, via its Westminster proxies, to thwart Brexit. They can’t afford for it to succeed.

Nor, if they’re honest, can those Remain saboteurs in Parliament. Not only would they have lost the referendum, they would have been proved wrong.

And their egos would never recover.

And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend.