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Note that as this newsletter goes out the voting in the UK General Election will be almost over. Some idea of what has happened will be reported at 10:00 pm GMT (5 pm EST) when the polls close and the exit polls will be revealed. It will be around 1.30 am on Friday that the actual results will start to come in. So by the time America gets up we'll have a good idea on what happened. Last I read was that the Conservatives had an 11% lead in the polls and the SNP looked to the main winner in the Scottish Elections although they found that the Conservative party in Scotland looked to be down only 1% from the last election.

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Moat Brae in Dumfries among Time's coolest places to visit
Moat Brae in Dumfries features among 50 sites around the world worth seeing with children

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Dissecting a Deception
Nicola Sturgeon keeps trying to mislead people by repeating a demonstrably false assertion. The truth is that if the SNP's Growth Commission recommendations had been applied to the conditions as they actually were a decade ago, Scotland would have suffered far greater austerity over the last 10 years - and we can prove it

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Life in the SNP’s party state
By Jill Stephenson in Think Scotland

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It’s time to look again at the BBC licence fee
The license fee model worked in 1946 - but it is now outdated and should be overhauled

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The faster we quit the protectionist EU racket the better
Consumers in the EU pay an effective tax of 17% on food due to the customs union

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Early Life in Canada
By J. W. Chafe assisted by Sybil Shack (1943) (pdf). A very interesting book on how school pupils started to research their local history.

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The Coleman Journal and Crow's Nest Pass Advertiser
Published in the Premier Coat Mining Centre of the Crows Nest Pass. A Weekly record of Interesting Community News read by Young and Old Thursday, July 27, 1939 (pdf).

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Canadian women in workshops, mills and factories
The evidence of the 1871 census manuscripts (pdf)

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Ukrainian Canadian University
Added a link to them on our Ukraine History page which goes to:

The Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies Collection
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Home Preacher
Added Service 19 by Dr.
Macduff which you can read at:

Notes on the early history of the Brig of Balgowny
And illustrative of the position and legal aspect of the fund conveyed by Sir William Hay of Whytburgh and Newton for its repair and maintenance known as the Bridge of Don Fund compiled by William Paul (1876) (pdf)

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An Historical Enquiry respecting the Performance on the Harp
In the Highlands of Scotland from the earliest times until it was discontinued about the year 1734. To which is prefixed an account of a very ancient Caledonian Harp and of the Harp of Queen Mary, illustrated by three elegant engravings drawn up by desire of the Highland Society of Scotland and Published under its patronage by John Gunn, F. A. S. E., author of a treatise on the origin and improvement of stringed instruments (1807) (pdf)

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Loyalties of Scots were divided in America’s revolution
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Scotland and the American Revolution
A video of a talk given by Scottish historian Andrew Mackillop

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Thatching with Heather: Traditional Skills in Scotland
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Scottish Society of Indianapolis
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Clan Buchanan
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Orkney’s Energy Revolution: Leading The Way To A Low Carbon Future
[Virtual Island Summit] A video presentation.

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David Burns & Co by Stan Bruce. Another book in the series, The Shipbuilders of Aberdeen
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Edinburgh Sketches and Miscellanies (1884) (pdf)
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The Story

I've always been a touch concerned about the situation with England should Scotland win Independence and I noted this comment which I feel is relevant and should be taken into consideration in any vote for Independence. Of course we won't know until it happens but if you just look at what Brexit has already done to the UK and Scotland with a 40 year relationship how much worse could it be to negotiate a settlement with Scotland after 300 years? I lived and worked in England for 5 years being based in Coventry and Birmingham but travelled over all of England and Wales. The only time I experienced any discussion on Scotland versus England was when there was an England v Scotland football or rugby game on.

Dissecting a Deception

"my upper end prediction is that 20% will be wiped off her current GDP by end of year 3 - which would be cataclysmic and take decades to recover from. I almost want to see this happening"

From the perspective of an Anglo-Scot who has moved from Aberdeen to central southern England and who has seen the impact of austerity down here, I can understand this sentiment and have sympathy with it. My suspicion is that there is an implicit belief among many Scots that if everything goes wrong after independence then the English will be around to save the day. After all, they helped bail out Irish banks didn't they? (and noticed how little thanks they received from Dublin).

It is already apparent to me from personal contact that there is a steadily growing and almost total indifference among ordinary English people to Scotland's fate, a feeling that the Scots have done significantly better from the Union than they have in recent decades and yet constantly complain how hard done by they are by 'Engerland'. Nicola Sturgeon is loathed by all I know down here and there is a growing realisation of the underlying Anglophobia in so many SNP pronouncements and actions.

Breaking the union through independence will cause huge resentment 'down south' ('why do they hate us so much?'), and there will be concern that creating a new economic basket case across the border will lead to an influx of unwanted Scots emigrants seeking jobs. I predict that there will be no sympathy or friendly sentiment for Scotland among those without family contacts there and they will soon be seen as just another (and not very friendly) European country. Many English people will simply not care if a hard border is created, if there are movement restrictions on Scots, or if Scottish imports are reduced, as the affectionate feeling towards the Jocks that has existed for decades is rapidly being washed away.

The nationalists continue to delude themselves that the rest if the UK will pay their pensions, depend on their economy being propped up by oil (and that bubble is already burst), will share or use their pound sterling without problems, will flock to their universities, build their warships there, etc. No, Trident will move south (Falmouth?), high speed rail links will cease at Manchester, ships will be built at Birkenhead and Portsmouth again, renewable energy and nuclear power will replace oil, fiscal transfers will disappear, the financial industry will head to London and the Scots economy will find itself mired in debt, huge economic strains and a worthless currency. Those Scots who can afford to will relocate to Cumbria and Northunberland.

But there would be one great benefit:

Scotland will have achieved Freedom at last and can blame all its new problems on the wicked historical exploitation of the English colonial power. That should generate enough heat and energy until the EU and IMF decide to bail them out to avoid a humanitarian crisis. Somehow, I don't see London making any great effort to assist. If Scotland remakes its bed then it should be prepared to lie in it without expecting the English to do the laundry afterwards.

6 December 2019 at 10:10

And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend.