The bad news is I will be another four weeks till I can publish on the site. The good news is the London doctor seen me yesterday and believes that I am on course to recovery for my sight. However it's going to take another 2-4 weeks.

I am listening to the news daily and this Coronavirus and Trump's impeachment have been dominating the news. I haven't heard any recent updates to the Australian bush fires which I believe are still going on and the weather in Canada especially in both the east coast and west coast are still causing problems.

One of my support people told me that here in Chatham High school students are looking for PC work to gain points towards there exams, I'm told this would involve having a boy or girl in for two hours two days a week. Im looking to see if I can get onto this program as then I can have content on the site.

My friend Nora came down for a couple of days from Toronto and helped me to do banking as well as other on-line transactions, she also helped me to edit my inbox (e-mail) box and thanks for the messages of support, she should be down next week to continue this work. I do know that I have several emails with content on the we site, Stan Bruice sent content for his ship building on his Aberdeen series. That will be most likely the first content that I will be adding. Beth Gay will be sending in new copies of her new Fangled family tree and I understand that she has a clan grant ready to go and those I should be able to get up fairly easily with the help of Matt and other personal helpers.

My time is currently been taken up with 3 news service which is BBC CBC CTV as well as listening to Audible books on my Kindle.

Alastair (and thanks to Matt for typing this in for me)