Matthew is typing this for me to advise that my eye site is a little better this week. I was able to watch a Youtube video last night so that is progress. I have an eye appointment next week where I am told I will receive an injection in my eye to remove the blood that has been floating in my eye.

We've got up Beth's Newfangled Family tree for March 2020 at :

We've also started with a newsletter with the clan Grant which you can see at

On the weather front I have noticed floods in Australia, more severe weather in Canada and in the U.K and some parts of the U.S.A.

Presidential elections in the USA are progressing with Barry Sanders in the lead. Donald Trump being cleared from his impeachment trial he's giving speeches in the same states that the democrats are in.

One of the videos that I've watched is Time team digging in the isle of Mull, as they found a new monastery
Hopefully in a few weeks you will see me do some publishing.