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With much sadness, Steve Quillin, President of the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, announced the 2020 cancellation of this year's games last evening. Plans are for the games to resume in 2021.

The above is of course a reminder that you need to check with any Scottish event to see if they are still running it.


A Boot Camp for Booting Up: Education and Games at the Internet Archive
Greetings to everyone getting by at home, especially those looking to teach remotely, entertain your family, or find connections to your own past that used to live in programs from the 1980s and 1990s.

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Scottish News from this weeks newspapers
Note that this is a selection and more can be read in our ScotNews feed on our index page where we list news from the past 1-2 weeks. I am partly doing this to build an archive of modern news from and about Scotland as world news stories that can affect Scotland and all the newsletters are archived and also indexed on Google and other search engines. I might also add that in a number of newspapers you will find many comments which can be just as interesting as the news story itself and of course you can also add your own comments if you wish which I do myself from time to time.

Canada’s Oil Has Nowhere To Go As The US Runs Out Of Storage

Collapsing demand and brimming storage in the United States, Canada’s almost exclusive oil outlet, have resulted in a very unusual situation in the Canadian oil industry. This goes to show why a pipeline to BC is crucial to Canada's economy.

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Coronavirus: New Zealand claims no community cases as lockdown eases
New Zealand says it has stopped community transmission of Covid-19, effectively eliminating the virus. Given that NZ has the same population as Scotland one has to wonder why Scotland has so many more deaths. What did New Zealand do right and what did Scotland do wrong?

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Brochs fresh: plan for new stone tower to shed light on Scottish history
Experiment aims to understand how iron-age brochs developed and what they signified.

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The UK as a leading advocate of Free Trade worldwide
The Minister of State for Trade has told us that the UK has now taken her place as a full WTO member and is making an important contribution to the world trade discussions.

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Captain Tom Moore's NHS appeal tops 32m on 100th birthday
The war veteran, who raised the money by walking laps of his garden, has also been made an honorary colonel.

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Coronavirus pandemic: Tracking the global outbreak
Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world, with more than three million confirmed cases in 185 countries and more than 200,000 deaths.

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It’s the original comfort food, but where did Stovies come from and what’s the best way to make them?
There is very little to be found on the history of this fine dish, although it is believed that Stovies date back to the 19th Century originating simply from masters giving their servants the leftovers from the Sunday dinner from which they would then produce a tasty meal.

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Boris Johnson says UK is past the peak of outbreak
The prime minister's claim that the UK is past the peak of the virus may surprise some given the big jump in deaths this week.

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Found three videos...

Trooper - The American Dream - Live Canada 150 - Port Moody
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Polish Culture Day in the Tri Cities
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Bold Journey Royal Canadian Navy Labrador through the NW Passage
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Aboriginal peoples in Canada
Key results from the 2016 Census which you can read at:

Early Life in Canada
By J. W. Chafe (1943) (pdf)

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Beth's Newfangled Family Tree
Got in Section 1 of the May edition.

Hi Everybody. It's time for another BNFT...and this one has interesting things for everyone, I think...including a recipe for Scottish Flummary - with thanks to The St. Andrew Society of Tallahassee, Florida's publication. It surely sounds interesting and good!

I have been told that Grandfather Mountain will make a decision as to whether to have the 2020 GMHG or not on May 22. I'm sure Alastair will put that up when it happens so you all can go to the BNFT page and whatever they decide will be there.

If anyone has any ideas about how we can keep our Scottish-ness going in these times of sheltering at home, please email them to me. I thought of a few ways that will help us...but I'll bet you all have lots more. Thank you!

Please don't forget to update me on your email address should you need to make a change.

If you're working on your genealogy now and have some ancestors who are trying to hide from you, make a query for BNFT. Send it to me,, and it will be in the next issue. No charge a'tall. Don't know what a query is? Genealogically, it simply all you know about an ancestor (Full name, where born, when born, his/her spouse and children and anything else you know about this person.) Be sure and include a way for the person who reads it and knows something you need to know to get in touch with you. Your email address is fine as is your USPS address. Whatever you wish.

Years ago, I had been looking for the wife of John McDonald for years and years and years...and I wrote a query for The Family Tree when we first went to digital, to sort of "bait the field" for queries in my paper. In my family, the men are almost always named "James or John" and this John's wife was, of course, MARY. Lo and behold! A couple of days later, I learned that Mary was Mary Allen. It really does work! It's free. Don't worry about the length...just be reasonable. I'll format the type and fix it for you.

Please continue to be safe and be careful.

We are so far, so good, thank you, Lord.



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Home Preacher
Have now completed this book and the final entries can be read at:

We were doing one service a week but we figured it was better to complete this rather than die of the virus and leave it incomplete.
BBC visits Donald Trump's Mother's home on Isle Of Lewis, Scotland.

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John Paterson, Bible Society Pioneer, 1776-1855
The Earlier Years - 1776-1813 by The Rev. James M. Alexander, B.D. (pdf)

A most interesting account and they certainly didn't have it easy. You can read this at:

In the Inner Hebrides

On the west coast of Scotland which includes the Stone Skimming World Championship. You can watch this video at the foot of our Travel page at:

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Rev Nola Crewe
Added her thoughts for Last Sunday at:

The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Condition of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands.
The commission was set up as a response to crofter and cottar demonstrations against excessively high rents, lack of security of tenure on land that had been in families for generations and the forced evictions of crofters.

The demonstrations started in Wester Ross and Lewis in the 1870's, and by the early 1880's had moved to Skye. Local police forces were called upon by the landlords to enforce what they believed to be their rights. However, with limited resources, the police found it difficult to cope with the increasing demands put upon them. Therefore, it became an issue needing the attention of Prime Minister Gladstone’s government and he ordered the appointment of the commission.

Under the orders of William Gladstone, and backed by Royal approval, the commission was appointed in 1883, by the Home Secretary, Sir William Harcourt. Francis Napier, 10th Lord Napier, was selected as chairman, with five other members - Sir Donald Cameron of Locheil; Sir Kenneth MacKenzie of Gairloch; Charles Fraser – MacIntosh MP; Sheriff Alexander Nicolson of Kicudbright and Professor Donald MacKinnon of Edinburgh university – making up the panel.

The commission began its work in Braes on the Island of Skye and travelled the length and breadth of the Highlands and Islands (including Orkney and Shetland) gathering evidence from crofters, landlords and others who were familiar with the plight of the indigenous population.
The final report was hastily published in 1884 and led obliquely to the 1886 Crofters’ Holding Act which can be read at:

You can read "The Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Condition of Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands" at:

The Napier’s Report is a valuable piece of documentary evidence from the Highlands and Islands (including Orkney and Shetland) in 1883, presenting facts and information on the population, as well as the political, historical and social climate of the time.

And that's it for this week and hope you all have a great weekend and mind and keep your distance, wash your hands and stay safe.